Louis Vuitton Tambour Spin Time Regatta

Louis Vuitton Tambour Spin Time Regatta
(photos: Louis Vuitton) Louis Vuitton Tambour Spin Time Regatta | US$tba | www.louisvuitton.com

normally, we wouldn’t go gaga over time pieces from fashion or designer labels. however, this Tambour Spin Time Regatta from luxury fashion label Louis Vuitton has us ogling over it. as the name implies, this watch is a genre-specific watch and for this case, it is designed specifically catering for boat races. the ‘spin time’ here replaces the traditional hour indices of the watch with small square apertures and within each of this tiny square is a rotating cube. when the regatta mode is activated (via the pusher at eight o’clock), the ‘mode’ window at twelve o’clock turns red with the word “regate” and the tiny cubes switch to red, thus readied for your five-minute regatta count down routine. activating the chronograph button (at two o’clock) starts the count down with each cube turning progressively from red to blue hue, indicating a minute has elapsed. another highlight is its ability to switch between regatta and the standard chronograph modes on the fly, which is the first for a regatta chronograph. though we doubt any sailor would be switching to chrono mode during those crucial five minutes whilst in a race. unfortunately, it’s price and availability remains a mystery to us but given that the Tambour LV Cup Automatic Regatta already cost $10,000+, we supposed this particular example would cost around the same 10G region or perhaps more. well, it is after all a time piece with Spin Time complication that we are talking about. check out some larger views after the break.

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