The mere act of brushing your hair does nothing but, well, brushes and possibly, make your lock looks a lot better than just-woke-up condition. Unless you visit a trichologist, you won’t know your mane’s well-being (yes, we said ‘well-being’), but what if, you can know your hair more intimately simply through your daily brushing routine? Well, folks, believe it or not, that’s exactly what Kérastase Hair Coach Smart Hairbrush Powered by Withings offers to do. Yes. Yes. The concept of smart has come to the least of things you expect: a hairbrush and being smart and app-connected, you can expect nothing less than a wealth of information you probably didn’t know you need.

Kérastase Hair Coach Smart Hairbrush Powered by Withings

As you brush your lovely lock, in-built microphone captures the hair’s sound waves that lead to identification of frizziness, dryness, split ends, and even breakage, while built-in gyroscope and accelerometer take notes of your brushing force and speed, and tracks the number strokes made, presumably to analyze if you are doing it wrong in accordance to your current hair condition. Furthermore, vibrating motor (don’t think dirty!) offers haptic feedback, guiding you along in mailing the right brushing technique. And no, we don’t think Hair Coach, as it is officially called, talks. It would be freaking creepy if it does. Talking hairbrush only exists in cartoons.

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Kérastase Hair Coach Smart Hairbrush Powered by Withings

Anyways, it comes with a companion app (of course) that lets you in on your hair condition and not surprisingly (since Kérastase is behind this grooming gadget), offers you customized product recommendations accordingly. So you can say that this is pretty much a product designed to sell you more products, but then again, if tender loving care is required, then I guess Kérastase Hair Coach Smart Hairbrush is your first step before taking to a trichologist? Maybe. If Kérastase Hair Coach Smart Hairbrush tickles your fancy, you can look forward to its availability sometime in mid-2017 which it will be available at select Kérastase hair salons, the brand’s website, as well as at Withings’ website and various distribution channels. As price, it is expected to retail for “under $200.”

Kérastase Hair Coach Smart Hairbrush Powered by Withings

Images courtesy of Withings.

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