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The World’s First Smart Hairbrush Tells You What’s Going With Your Hair

The mere act of brushing your hair does nothing but, well, brushes and possibly, make your lock looks a lot better than just-woke-up condition. Unless you visit a trichologist, you won’t know your mane’s well-being (yes, we said ‘well-being’), but what if, you can know your hair more intimately simply through your daily brushing routine? Well, folks, believe it or not, that’s exactly what Kérastase Hair Coach Smart Hairbrush Powered by Withings offers to do. Yes. Yes. The concept of smart has come to the least of things you expect: a hairbrush and being smart and app-connected, you can expect nothing less than a wealth of information you probably didn’t know you need. Continue reading The World’s First Smart Hairbrush Tells You What’s Going With Your Hair

You Won’t Believe This Sleek Analog Watch Is Also An Activity Tracker

up till now, slapping on an activity tracker on your wrist means sacrificing the ability to tell time right off your wrist, unless you want to be an oddball who has two wrist wearables. some trackers do offer piecemeal of information at a glance and some merely as a device that becomes part of your fashion statement (with tracking, of course). however, French tech product maker Withings begs to differ. it has just introduced a completely new take on activity tracker known as Withings Activité Activity Tracker. at a glance, Activité appears to be an elegant timepiece and a subtle ‘Swiss Made’ marking reinforced that it is so, but upon closer observation, you will find an unusually large sub-dial not seen on regular chronographs. this sub-dial is the visual cue of your progress over the course of a day. Continue reading You Won’t Believe This Sleek Analog Watch Is Also An Activity Tracker

Withings Wireless Blood Pressure Monitor

remember the Withings Blood Pressure Monitor introduced back in 2011? well, after three years in the market, it has finally gone wireless and is now compatible with Android devices too. aesthetically, the Withings Wireless Blood Pressure Monitor inherits the sleek design of the original wired model, featuring the same medically-approved blood pressure cuff garners, sans the cable snaking out of the cuff, naturally. to use, all you need to do is to wrap the cuff around your arm and switch it on. once activated, it automatically connects to your paired smartphone via Bluetooth and launches the Withings Health Mate app. Continue reading Withings Wireless Blood Pressure Monitor

Withings Aura Sleep Monitor

so you think your nightly sleep was never good? if that is the case, we believe you might have explored your options with the myriad of sleep monitors in the market. well, here’s another sleep monitor, dubbed the Withings Aura, to add to your list. the device comprises of two part (or three if you count the app as one): a movement sensor that slips under your mattress and an LED lamp that, like the Philips Wake-up Light, promised to coax you to sleep and also gently rouse you up in the morning. the two-part device records your sleeping environment (noise pollution, room temperature and light levels) and sleep patterns (such as body movements, breathing cycles and heart rate), providing you a deep understanding of your sleeping experience. Continue reading Withings Aura Sleep Monitor

your iPhone could also be your Baby Monitor

Withings Smart Baby Monitor 544px
(image credit: Withings) Withings Smart Baby Monitor | US$tbc | www.withings.com

another gadget that adds to the host of things iPhone can do. in fact, not just for iPhone, it will work just fine with iPad, smartphone, PC, Mac, Tablet, LCD TV – basically just about anything that has a screen and of course, with WiFi, Bluetooth or Ethernet connectivity. one of the two new products from Withings, is the Smart Baby Monitor, which (obviously) is video camera that lets your monitor your baby anywhere in the world. Continue reading your iPhone could also be your Baby Monitor