so you think your nightly sleep was never good? if that is the case, we believe you might have explored your options with the myriad of sleep monitors in the market. well, here’s another sleep monitor, dubbed the Withings Aura, to add to your list. the device comprises of two part (or three if you count the app as one): a movement sensor that slips under your mattress and an LED lamp that, like the Philips Wake-up Light, promised to coax you to sleep and also gently rouse you up in the morning. the two-part device records your sleeping environment (noise pollution, room temperature and light levels) and sleep patterns (such as body movements, breathing cycles and heart rate), providing you a deep understanding of your sleeping experience.

these data will be utilized to activate the scientifically-validated light (by the way of the multicolor LED dimming light) and sound (in the form of circadian rhythm) programs that will best suit your sleeping pattern and thereby, resulting a positive sleeping experience. the device can also provide options to create personal ambiances for power naps, or even to deal with jet lag. the Withings Aura sleep monitor is among the many smart health devices the France-based company will be showing off at the 2014 CES this week. the Withings Aura sleep monitor is slated to hit select retailers and Withings online store this Spring for $299. the companion app is, of course, free.

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Withings Aura Sleep Monitor

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