apparently, hitting the snooze button is bad for you and it is in fact, according to Philips, more than just a sleep disruptor and by snoozing, we, the snooze lovers, are actually encouraging other undesirable habits that detract us from a smooth morning routine. really? i wasn’t aware that a simple snooze would have such a profound effect. to counter this snoozing habit, the Netherlands electronics giant wants you to use this sunrise simulating Philips Wake-up Light (HF3500 and HF3505), which is clinically proven to improve a person’s ability to function in the morning. what the Philips Wake-up Light does is, it simulates a natural sunrise by slowly increasing the brightness half an hour before the alarm kicks in and by doing so, it is actually allowing your body to gently transit from sleep to waking up, thereby creating a more natural and energizing way of getting out of bed.

i am all for the idea, if it can really do that, but my problem is, the time i usually wakes up is when the sun has yet to rise. then again, it is a simulation to get the body to adjust for the time you actually needs to wake up, so i suppose it won’t matter even if you set the alarm to go off in the evening for your graveyard shift. there are four models to choose from, of which two are new to the range. the two new models, namely HF3500 and HF3505, differs by the number of light style settings, 10 for the HF3500 and 20 for the HF3505, and the ‘higher-end’ model also features two natural sounds, a touch interface, plus a built-in FM radio. aesthetically, the Philips Wake-up Light look more like a bedside table lamp than an alarm clock and for good reason, cos’ it can also double as a bedside lamp, which could save you some valuable bedside table top real estate.

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the Philips Wake-up Light is available now and goes for $69.99 for the HF3500 model and $99.95 for the HF3505. and oh, did i mention that both models has snooze functionality? damn, we still can’t get away from snoozing after all, can we? have a few more look in the image gallery below.

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