your iPhone could also be your Baby Monitor

Withings Smart Baby Monitor 544px
(image credit: Withings) Withings Smart Baby Monitor | US$tbc |

another gadget that adds to the host of things iPhone can do. in fact, not just for iPhone, it will work just fine with iPad, smartphone, PC, Mac, Tablet, LCD TV – basically just about anything that has a screen and of course, with WiFi, Bluetooth or Ethernet connectivity. one of the two new products from Withings, is the Smart Baby Monitor, which (obviously) is video camera that lets your monitor your baby anywhere in the world.
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unlike the existing baby monitor available in the market, the users can monitor their baby via both audio and video transmitted to their devices of choice. armed with a 3 megapixels infrared LED and both microphone and speakers, the Smart Baby Monitor is capable of night vision and streaming of music via your remote devices to sooth the baby, or sing to your baby if you prefer. using of iPhone does start from young, eh? though, not literally.


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