back to basics: Just5 launches original Spacephone

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(image credit: Just5) Just5 Spacephone | from (approx) US$128.00 |

before smartphone, the basic function of a mobile phone was to keep us connected (via voice calls, of course) wherever we go. it is hard to imagine any firm would venture into any other type of phone other than a smartphone. virtually every new phone introduced lately are smartphone but if you are one of those that does not need or simply don’t want to have anything to do with smartphone, and at the same time, refused to conform to the mundane looking non-smartphone mobile currently in the market, then Just5 might have an alternative for you.

in an age of smartphone, Just5 chose to go the other way and launches a simple, yet effective Spacephone. the Spacephone performs the basic task of making and receiving calls, text messages and does one very special thing: turn heads. it turn heads probably because it isn’t a smartphone or simply because of its huge keypad in bright color. the Spacephone comes in five deliciously bright colorful hues and for those funky at heart, there’s the limited edition BESTINSPACE Spacephone with all five hues slapped onto one phone.

incidentally, BESTINSPACE was also commissioned as the sound designers for the music tone for Spacemobile. the soft touch coating gives this mobile a slip-free user experience. the last time i held a coated phone, it was the Nexus One which certainly feels great to hold. the Spacephone comes package with a lively candy-orange charger (as opposed to usual but boring black items), stereo headsets, documentation and manual, packed inside an equally cheerful box packaging.

the ease of use and its huge keypad, would also appeal to senior users who find the mobile of today a little too complex and with keypad that’s just too tiny.

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