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by now, you should be tired of hearing me exclaim “what else iPhone can’t do?” regardless, it is a fact and latest to join the “things that can be done using iPhone” is this gadget from Withings, called the Blood Pressure Monitor. yes, the “things that can be done using iPhone” has just reached into the health aspects. as usual, the Withings hardware works in tandem with the iPhone or iPad apps, which is free to download from iTunes store.

reading blood pressure is as simple as connecting the Withings Blood Pressure Monitor via its 30-pin connector to your iOS devices. being a “Made for iOS Device”, it will be recognized by the iOS device and the Withings app will be launched automatically. from there, all you have to do is fired up the Withings Blood Pressure Monitor and the blood pressure will be taken. the readings are automatically saved on your iOS device and can be exported or shared.

i am not quite sure why would we want share our blood pressure data with anyone, except with our physicians. i guess these days we share everything or rather, sharing is everything today. hmmm.. what am i saying… in anyway, data can be uploaded to a secured private website, protected by password. the Withings Blood Pressure Monitor uses oscillometric type of measurement to take your blood pressure, which is a noninvasive method which is perfectly safe for self-use.

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the device is powered independently by four AA batteries, therefore the device won’t suck off the precious juice of your iOS device. Withings Blood Pressure Monitor was announced and showcased in the recent CES 2011, but no details on the pricing yet but be patience, it is set to be available end of this month.

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