Knife Locker not only locks but sterilizes your knives too

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(image credit: Min Seong Kim)

up to today, stowing away your kitchen knives is nothing short of mundane. they are either stuff into some wooden block or stick on a strip of metal/wood with magnets. whichever way, it encourages bacteria to hop on for the next ride to the next steak or meat. the Knife Locker, designed by Min Seong Kim, is not those locker that you find in the bathhouse but it literally locks your knives with just a turn. the knife itself is the key, so there’s really no key to lose.

all you have to do is to insert the knife into the slot and turn it 270-degree counterclockwise and walah! your knife is locked and at same time, the UV sterilization built-in will kicks in, indicated by the lit blue LED ring of light, and sterilizes your knife. blue lights again? i might just mistaken it for another Tron-inspired gadget, but really it is not.

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via Yanko Design

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