Microsoft must be dying to show off its next-generation game console, codename Project Scorpio. Why? Because, the software giant already had a pre-order page put up on its online store since two weeks ago. However, it is not quite a pre-order page per se, it is more like ‘hey guys, you know our next-gen game console is coming’ page. Though we have no doubt it will be converted to a pre-order page once it lands later this year. That said, details are still sketchy at best.

It has a video (from last year) though, in place of the soon-to-realize product image(S), that lets you in on the up-and-coming game console (but nothing that fans don’t already know, really). The said video is psyched up with an emotion-driving soundtrack to basically tells you to wait for the next-gen game console and not to jump onto a PS4 yet (probably).

Also in the video, there’s a strong emphasis of backward compatibility with all Xbox One games and accessories, which is clearly a stab at PS4’s incompatibility with anything prior to PS4. Then again, Xbox One, which is Microsoft more recent console, is as far as Project Scorpio can be compatible with and so, it really isn’t a breakthrough. It is more of a reassurance that it is ok to buy a Xbox One Slim and all the games you want now because when Project Scorpio comes up, you will be able to use the accessories and play those games too.

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Anyways, regardless whether the software giant agrees or not, I think as a business entity, they probably won’t stand seeing more limelight (and marketshare) being siphoned away by its major competition’s latest console and hence, the placeholder listing we see here. As for tech specs, what we learn is the same as before: it is going to get a 8-core processor, “over” 320Gbps of memory bandwidth, and 6 teraflops of GPU power – all working together to enable true 4K gaming.

So, did this emergence of the so-called ‘pre-order’ page excites you? Well, if yes, then you may want to sign up on the ‘pre-order’ page to be notified when it becomes available. Or, hell, just watch the video below for a little refresher and get all orgasmic (or something like that).

Image: screenshot by Mikeshouts.

via Ubergizmo.

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