Just when we thought Ken Block’s 900+ HP Hoonitruck is just about as cool as a truck, or truck for that matter, can get, a miniature version of the super truck surfaced and boy, am I salivating all over it. Dang it. My keyboard! What you see here is a Mini Hoonigan Truck. As the name implies, it is a mini version of Ken Block’s beast with bed. However, this is not an official Hoonigan’s project; it was the loving creation of one man called Alex Saint.

Mini Hoonigan Truck GSX-R Swap Alex Saint

Originally a 1971 Honda N600, the compact hatch had its rear removed and turned into bed that is now home to a 2013 Suzuki GSX-R 1000 engine rated at 190 HP – and that number that does not include the potential power bump with the aftermarket air intake. Now, 190 horses may not sounds like a lot in today’s context and it sure hell is a far cry from the Hoonitruck’s 914 ponies, but mind you, this adorable beast weighs in at a partly 1,075 lbs (488 kilograms!).

Mini Hoonigan Truck GSX-R Swap Alex Saint

In other words, this custom truck is so light that it can be carried by two strong person. Now that we know the weight, this mini Hoonigan truck suddenly becomes a potential dangerous ride. Interestingly, the high-revving motor is paired to a six-speed sequential shifter that works just like it was on a motorcycle. In other words, it has a hand-activated clutch. The only difference is, the clutch is on the shifter itself. So, up shifting involves squeezing the clutch and pushing the gear lever forward and doing so, well, sequentially as it moves up the gear.

Mini Hoonigan Truck GSX-R Swap Alex Saint

All told, this mini Hoonitruck makes the quarter mile run in 12.4 seconds at 104 miles an hour (167 km/h) which I imagine can be a rather heart-pumping ride. As you can see, it runs on some really cute wheels/tires setup, comprising of 8-inch wheels wrapped in 9.5 inches wide 18 inches tall rubbers. The super wide slicks, along with the wide track and aggressive camber angle, gives this mini beast a very menacing stance.

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Aesthetically, it is obviously made to look like the full-scale counterpart, including the Monster branded livery with the black camo pattern. Interestingly though, the livery you see is not a wrap as it would be on most cars; the entire pattern was painted on the truck body using handmade stencils before a clear coat was introduced to enhance the look and also the longevity.

Well, what can I say? Alex Saint’s GSX-R Swap Mini Hoonigan Truck is adorable and bad-ass all at the same time. If you are interested there’s a video introduction of this incredible custom by the man himself, as well as a video review by Christian McMaster after the break.

Images: Alex Saint (Instagram)/YouTube.

Source: Jalopnik.

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