Jaws-inspired Baby Cot by Joseph Reginella

If you have a baby, getting him or her a regular baby cot is possibly the most meh thing to do. If you do that, you are just another Dad. Nothing wrong with that; it’s just that you won’t be as cool. Sculptor Joseph Reginella, on the other hand, elevated himself to the cool Dad status when he sculpted a Jaws-inspired Baby Cot for his little one. Needless to say, Reginella is a super fan of Jaws (1975, Universal Pictures), which was why he made this super cool baby cot.

Jaws-inspired Baby Cot by Joseph Reginella

Now, what makes this Jaws-inspired Baby Cot particularly cool is, it was inspired by shark hunter Quint’s death scene after his boat was chomped by dear marine antagonist from the first Jaws movie. As you can see, the sculpture/baby cot features the fearsome the Great White, AKA Bruce, partially out of the “water” with his mouth wide open, chomping down on the-now tilted, partial fishing boat. This is where the ingenuity is; the space on the open deck becomes the perfect spot for the baby.

Jaws-inspired Baby Cot is just about the coolest baby cot we have seen, despite it being inspired by a horrific scene. I know it may sound weird to say this, but it seems to “work” best when the little is screaming for your attention. Sorry, I just can’t help it. My bad. As said, it looks cool and all that, but I can’t help but to observe that the opening between the snout of the shark and the boat’s cabin seems a little narrow and so, I wonder if putting and retrieving the baby will be less straight forward like a regular cot. Just a thought there…

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Anywho, if you don’t have a baby, it appears that this awesome contraption also works for kitty cats too, as pictured below. Though, it is worthy to note that you can buy this cot in the market. Well, that’s unfortunate. If you want one, you have make one yourself.

Jaws-inspired Baby Cot by Joseph Reginella

Images: Joseph Reginella.

Source: Technabob.