fat bikes are cool. they are the latest in the world of off-road biking, cutting through snow and mud with relative ease, but though so, the drivetrain is almost always the stumbling block. you know how it is like with off-road bikes; crud and stuff tends to get to the drivetrain, which could potentially disable the bike, if not making it a chore to pedal. in comes the Argon FAT Pinion Gearbox For Fat Bike, developed by German bicycle builder NICOLAI, that is designed to keep those delicate gears sealed away from the elements. in this particular fat bike example, it had a 18-speed Pinion bottom bracket gearbox technology, which the firm claims to be the world’s first gearbox fat bike.

the gearbox is matched to a Gates Carbon Drive and a 120mm Carver Trans Fat upside down fork that should make this bike a pretty capable off-roader. however, this measure does come with a price: the gearbox tips the scale at a rather significant 5.95 lbs (or little under 3 kilograms). details, including availability and price, remain scant at this moment, but for now, you might like to check out a video of this particular fat bike shredding the Harz mountains, ridden by NICOLAI team rider, Frank Schneider.

via Gear Junkie via Singletrack

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