who would have thought that one day we will need a smart toothbrush to guide us through our teeth maintenance routine? but here it is, the Oral-B SmartSeries Bluetooth Electric Toothbrush, the world’s first interactive electric toothbrush that is designed to aid your personal dentist to ensure you are brushing it right. the device works in conjunction with a free companion app and communicates with your smartphone via Bluetooth 4.0 technology. this dental hardware and app combo will serve to provide real-time guidance as you brush your teeth, caution you when you are brushing a little too hard and records brushing activity which you can review subsequently or share with your dentist.

it offers a two-way communication between the hardware and app, where the app not only receives brushing data, but also lets you or your dentist program it so that the app can communicate with the brush for personalized brushing, targeting at specific problematic zones. the app, which will be available for both Android and iOS devices, also helps in maintaining your attention and motivates you by serving news, weather, as well as oral care tips while you are brushing. the electric toothbrush features built-in storage for storing up to 20 brushing sessions, in the event that you do not or can’t have the smartphone with you while you are brushing and those saved data will be transferred to the app the next time the hardware and app connects.

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other hardware details include oscillating-rotating-pulsating technology for effective plague removal, six cleaning modes from daily cleaning to whitening to tongue cleaning, compatibility with six different brush heads, and built-in pressure sensor (the one responsible for signaling you when you brush too hard). the Oral-B SmartSeries Bluetooth Electric Toothbrush, along with other Bluetooth-connected interactive electric toothbrushes is set to be available in June 2014, but before that happens, it will be showcased at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, happening next week.

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