there are two types of concept cars: one that you know it will be made; and two, one that doesn’t. the Opel Monza Concept you see here is resigned to being the latter and much like the Volvo Concept Coupe, it will, however, offer an insight into the German automaker’s styling and technology in future. the concept is designed to modular – modular as in it will provide flexibility to fit different types of drivetrain, but in the case of this concept that’s going to grace the upcoming Frankfurt Motor Show, it would be an electric drive with a CNG (compressed natural gas) range extender. the latter is a new-gen three pot 1.0 SIDI turbo unit that sips natural gas instead of gas, upping its ante on the eco-friendly chart. the name Monza was borrowed from a racing circuit in Italy and used to name after the beefy six-cylinder fastback Opel sports car that rolled off the production between 1977 and 1986.

so is this a signal of the returning of the iconic Opel ride? perhaps not. for one, it is a full size, four seater – though it has only two large, gull wing doors which hints of it as a coupe – however, the two large doors actually offer full, unobstructed access into the vehicle much like any regular four-door sedans, just that it has only one door on each side for ingress for both front and the back (note that B-pillars are absence here too). and it is more like a hatch, then a coupe or even a fastback. honestly, we don’t see the resemblance except for the name. the only thing that we see as similarity to the original is the dash; back then, the 77′ Opel Monza was considered way ahead of its time by incorporating digital display and now, Opel has again go way ahead of its time by building LED projection technology into the entire dashboard. this is the part where things get really futuristic – there’s no instrument cluster or whatsoever; it is just a customizable multifunctional display that stretches from door-to-door – made possible by 18 LED projectors. however, whether this technology will be incorporated into actual production cars remain to be seen.

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beyond that, information remains scant – less, you considered those marketing-induced, design mambo jambo as useful information (for which don’t consider them as so). so in the mean time, you can get your fix for this beauty vehicle more awesome images which you can find in the gallery below (there’s also an official video clip further down).

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