Mosaic Sweden classic bathtub is of mosaics and lion’s feet

Mosiac Sweden bathtub
Mosaic Sweden Bathtub | US$na |

we are not even sure if this is available commercially yet, due to our lack of knowledge in Swedish language. but one thing we do know is this beautiful bathtub was showcased along with a series of mosaics for floors and walls in the recent Stockholm Furniture Fair. nevertheless, this is one exquisite bathtub that embodies the elegance and sophistication of the old world charm. this standalone bathtub with lion’s feet as its footings, has its exterior covered in mosaic pattern conjured up by Swedish designers Emily Solklippa & Hanna Wsetin-Skogh. captured in the mosaic pattern is the Swedish summer flowers as the main theme and “was based in the desired for a pattern associated with happiness and joy,” says Emily & Hannah.

click on the image after the break to view a bigger image of this wonderful bathtub as well as a sample of mosaic patterns from Mosaic Sweden.

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ChiquiSafe gives your banana an armor to prevent bruises

Chiquita ChiquiSafe image 2 600x390px
whoever pitched the idea of a banana case must unspoken love for bananas and possessed a deep understanding of how the tender body of this yellow fruit will easily bruise at the slightest bump. designed by David Dos Stantos for REMORK DesignStudio, the (Chiquita’s) ChiquiSafe is a dedicated container protecting your beloved banana, before its journey ends in your stomach. we love this as much as we love the Donghnut To-Go cos’ we love donuts and we love bananas. we gotta have one. Continue reading ChiquiSafe gives your banana an armor to prevent bruises

this M16 Golf Launcher makes Golf Club looks so passe

NcSTAR AGOLF AR-15/M16 Golf Ball Launcer main 544x544px
(image credit: Cheaper Than Dirt!) AGOLF AR-15/M16 Golf Ball Launcher | US$19.97 |

i’m not sure what went through the mind of the inventor of this golf ball launcher. perhaps, the ammunitions price just skyrocket and these guys decided to put their assault rifles to good use or may be it is for venting their frustration over the game of eternal frustration? check out the web store description cum disclaimer: Continue reading this M16 Golf Launcher makes Golf Club looks so passe

pre-war factory turns into a contemporary eco-centric office

Haka Building interior main 544x408px
(image credit: Doepel Strijkers Architects)

we hardly post anything on interior design, but we shouldn’t shy away from this subject, which is after all, part of an architecture. here’s one impressive interior conceived by Holland-based Doepel Strijkers Architects to kick start our foray into interior design column. the subject in question is the HAKA Building, a pre-war factory which Doepel Strijkers Architects was task to convert into a “clean tech living lab” for eco-friendly water and energy institutions. the result is this stunning ultra-modernist, contemporary and eco-friendly interior.

in an effort to reduce wastage in terms of energy and transportation, both in financial dollars and environmental point-of-view, all materials used for the interior build-up are sourced locally. the team even went to the extent to savage materials from demolition sites such as those doors that were used to form the meeting room. the list of recycled materials-based furniture and decors are certainly impressive: recycled wood and planks sculptured into seatings and stage, recycled doors transformed an otherwise open space into an unique and uberly-cool meeting room, and check this out – a colorful and flexible acoustic wall created out of 17,700 pounds (about 8,000 kg) of old clothing. it is truly a sight to behold.

putting up all these together is a group of ex-convicts under professional guidance. the ex-cons provide a source of affordable labour, and at the same time, injects a sense of social consciousness into this eco-centric project. we are extremely impressed and we are sure you would too. check out more awesome images of this interior design work below and also note my personal favorite – the vertically hanging fluorescent light tubes.

images horizontal 544x38px 
Haka Building interior image 1 800x600px Haka Building interior image 2 800x600px Haka Building interior image 3 800x600px Haka Building interior image 4 800x600px Haka Building interior image 5 800x600px Haka Building interior image 6 800x600px Haka Building interior image 7 800x600px Haka Building interior image 8 800x600px Haka Building interior image 9 800x600px Haka Building interior image 10 800x600px Haka Building interior image 11 800x600px Haka Building interior image 12 800x600px Haka Building interior image 13 800x600px Haka Building interior image 14 800x600px Haka Building interior image 15 800x600px


dB Logic SPL2 in-ear headphones protects your hearing

dblogic SPL2 earphones main 544px
(image credit: dB Logic) dB Logic EP-100 SPL2 Earphones | US$29.95 |

people who uses earphones will have the tendency of unconsciously rising the volume too loud which could potentially damage their ears over a prolong period of time. dB Logic, an Indiana-based company, has an innovative solution to protect your hearing while still lets you enjoy your music. their latest pair of in-ear headphones, dubbed the EP-100, employs the patent-pending SPL2 (or Sound Pressure Level Limiting) technology that manipulates sound waves and selectively lowers the volume while maintaining the shape of the sound wave curve.

traditionally, volume is limited by truncating the sound wave which limits the volume altogether but dB Logic’s SPL2 technology “intelligently” modifies the sound wave to closely match the original music profile, thus maintaining the overall volume without the harmful effect from the sound pressure which could otherwise damage the wearer’s hearing. SPL2, being a battery-free operation, enables dB Logic to incorporates this wonderful hearing-saving technology into its latest earphones.

dblogic SPL2 earphones - colors 544px
the colors (clockwise from top left) quick silver, big apple red, barracuda blue, green shamrock, orange tiger, and pink valentine

the EP-100 is driven by a pair of 9-mm drivers with a frequency range of between 20 Hz to 20 kHz, which promised to deliver “crystal clear, distortion-free sound with a rich, full bass.” as with all in-ear buds, the EP-100 comes with multiple sets of silicone tips to suit different ear sizes. the dB Logic EP-100 in-ear earphones with SPL2 technology comes in a choice of six colors, including one color that is perfectly suited for your love one for this Valentine’s Day. at just $29.95 a pair, EP-100 proves that the goodness of technology need not to be overly priced.

the dB Logic EP-100 in-ear earphones is available at dB Logic web store.

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go green with solar-powered Devotec Bluetooth speakers

Devotec Solar Sound 2 main 544x388px
(image credit: Devotec) Devotec Solar Sound 2 | US$99.99 |

Bluetooth speakers are common gadget today but one that’s powered by Solar isn’t something you see everyday. the second generation Solar Sound 2 from UK firm, Devotec, fuses the goodness of Bluetooth wireless streaming with solar technology. granted, this product was launched quite a while back but it is no doubt worth mentioning again, this time by yours truly. as with most Bluetooth speakers, this unit can churn out music streamed from your Bluetooth phone or media devices that supports A2DP and AVRCP profiles and it also allows hands-free communication with its built-in mic when paired with a Bluetooth-enabled phone.

in a simplistic design, the Solar Sound 2 presents itself as a little black box measuring just 165 x 55 x 55 mm and weighs in at 320 grams. upfront are the touch sensitive buttons to remotely control your music such as skipping of tracks and volume adjustment. of course, control can also be done via the media device itself. at the top of the unit is a large solar panel which charges the built-in 1600 mAh lithium-ion battery, while the pair of 2W stereo speakers is located at each end of the unit. at the back of the speakers is a 3.5mm audio jack which can be connected with the supplied retractable audio cable if Bluetooth is absent from the media device. along with the audio-in, you will also find an audio line-out, the mini USB port and the main power button at the back panel.

charging of the speakers via the solar panel takes a good 12-24 hours but thankfully, it does come with an AC/DC adapter and charging cable for charging via the wall outlet or USB, for a faster 4-hours charge time. Devotec has made a host of tweaks to this latest incarnation of the Bluetooth speakers which includes acoustically optimized bass-reflex speaker cabinet, large 40 mm drivers, use of silver coated oxygen-free copper cabling for speakers and gold plated connectors, among the many others.

on the looks department, the Solar Sound 2 may not look as avant-garde as the Jawbone or Native Union‘s item but at $99.99 a pop, it is certainly a less-expensive alternative and not to mention, it provides the added advantage of Solar charging which could save you from those out-of-juice situations during your outdoor trips. the Devotec Solar Sound 2 is available via Devotec web store.

images horizontal 544x38px 
Devotec Solar Sound 2 image 1 800x500px Devotec Solar Sound 2 image 2 800x500px Devotec Solar Sound 2 image 3 800x500px Devotec Solar Sound 2 image 4 800x500px Devotec Solar Sound 2 image 5 800x500px Devotec Solar Sound 2 image 6 800x500px

Hardcandy’s CANDY convertible case for MacBook Air

HardCandy CANDY Convertible main 544x544px
(image credit: HardCandy) HardCandy CANDY Convertible MacBook Air Case | from US$45.95 |

the late 2010 MacBook Air is still new in the market and if you are still hunting around for a case for this piece of technological marvel, HardCandy has a new case made just for it. dubbed the CANDY Convertible, the case is made of animal-friendly Faux Nubuck Microfiber materials and promised to protect your MacBook Air with style without the bulk. then again, the MBA slender figure leaves us plenty room for casing without much bulk anyway. Continue reading Hardcandy’s CANDY convertible case for MacBook Air

feeling not geek enough? slip on a pair of Keyboard Slippers [update]

KITO Keyboard 2.0 Slippers main 544px
KITO Keyboard 2.0 Slippers | US$29.00 |

what can be more appropriate for a geek then to flip flop around with a pair of keyboards under your feet? while the real keyboard might be a tad too bulky and heavy to do so, this pair of KITO Keyboard 2.0 Slippers is definitely up to the task. it is also worthy to note that a real keyboard doesn’t have anything for your feet to strap on to. no mention on what it is made from but it is safe to assume that they are of rubber material and the ‘keyboard keys’ doubles as a foot massager while you straddle around in your office. available in a choice of color combos – black/yellow, black/red and black/dark blue et cetera, the KITO slippers weights a hefty 350 to 450 grams and has sizes that ranges from 36 thru to 43. the KITO Keyboard 2.0 Slippers retails at $29, which is very much cheaper than a single real keyboard. go ahead and prove that there’s still a geek in you. oh, there is even a new version of this fun slippers, called KITO Keyboard 2.1 which spots a range of cheerful hues – but less keyboard-like. check out the hilarious Thai commercial for the KITO Keyboard 2.0 Slippers after the break.

[UPDATE] KITO Keyboard slippers has new website! check them out!

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iPad game controller goes retro-ish with JOYSTICK-IT

ThinkGeek JOYSTICK-IT iPad Arcade Stick main 544x311px
(image credit: ThinkGeek) JOYSTICK-IT iPad Arcade Stick | from US$24.99 |

if the iCade arcade cabinet proves too immobile for you but you still long for a sense of retro-style arcade gaming with your iPad, then the JOYSTICK-IT iPad Arcade Stick might just be the, well… joystick of choice. invented by the dudes over at ThinkGeek, the JOYSTICK-IT iPad Arcade Stick puts a real physical joystick, styled in the retro stick-and-ball look, right on your iPad. machined out of solid lightweight aluminum, the JOYSTICK-IT iPad Arcade Stick is touted to add “more precision movement and faster response time for enhanced playability.” perfect for a game of Pac-man. Continue reading iPad game controller goes retro-ish with JOYSTICK-IT

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