Atari Arcade-Duo Powered Joystick for iPad

Atari Arcade-Duo Powered Joystick 544x588px
(credit: Discovery Bay Games) Atari Arcade-Duo Powered Joystick | US$tba |

ThinkGeek’s iCade may look decisively a winner when it comes to emulating the old school arcade machine but it might be a little too cumbersome to some user. if you are apprehensive about the hulking cabinet, then you might want to wait out for the Atari Arcade-Duo Powered Joystick – something which you can bring with you on-the-go. inline with the imminent launch of this arcade-style joystick for iPad, Atari has updated their Atari’s Greatest Hits iOS app to support this game controller. from the look of it, this joystick might be receiving Bluetooth support instead of the usual 30-pin connector, and the slot merely acts as a stand to prop up the iPad. Continue reading “Atari Arcade-Duo Powered Joystick for iPad”

Sucker Stand for iPhone and iPod GIVEAWAY

Sucker Stand Giveaway 544x311ppx
(credit: mikeShouts)

finally, we are going ahead with our giveaways. kicking off [email protected] giveaway is a bunch of Sucker Stand (yes, that’s what it is called according to its packaging). no, you are not going to get all six of them but instead six lucky person will get a chance to own one of these. as for color, it will be purely random. i am not going to lie to you, it is not an expensive product to give but hey, it is a start and its free. so what’s not to like? as we are closing in to our 2,000 posting, this will be the first of the many giveaways to come. so how do you get this? simply make a comment (no spam, please) on this post and wait it out. we will pick six winners this Friday (September 9*). sound simple enough? i bet it is. we will be waiting to hear from you folks out there. cheers!

*we will decide on the winner on the September 9, from around 9AM which is SGT September 9, 9PM. we thought we should clarify this to avoid any confusion. winner(s) will be announced on Saturday (September 10).

The Vader Project – Vader’s helmet like you never seen before

The Vader Project 544x468px
(credit: DKE Toys)

started back in 2007, The Vader Project was DKE Toys’ initiative to ‘re-imagine’ the dark sith’s iconic helmet. nearly 100 of the 1:1 scale prop replica of Darth Vader helmets curated by Dov Kelemer and Sarah Jo Marks of DKE Toys were given out to participating artists, surrealist painters, designers to tinkle with. the resulting work of art was Vader’s helmets in very contrasting design, if not un-dark sith like. the helmets when on a travel exhibition starting from 2007, through to 2010, and finally they were put through an auction process. Continue reading “The Vader Project – Vader’s helmet like you never seen before”

Incase pushes out second wave of Andy Warhol cases

incase Andy Warhol Elvis 544x338px
(credit: Incase) Incase for Andy Warhol Collection | from US$39.95 |

incase is turning out the second wave of cases for variety of gadgets adorned with legendary artist Andy Warhol’s designs. in this latest addition to its Andy Warhol collection, Warhol’s art works including silkscreening art, image still from Warhol’s 1964 silent film Empire and hand-drawing, graces the popular incase snap cases ($39.95 each), cases for MacBook (from $49.95) and as well as for iPad 2 (US$79.95). for contemporary art lovers, this is the perfect opportunity to own a piece of the legend’s art without breaking the bank, and still be able to admire them on day-to-day basis. Continue reading “Incase pushes out second wave of Andy Warhol cases”

Sideshow Collectibles Guan Yu Vinyl Figure Collectible

Sideshow Collectibles Guan Yu Vinyl Figure 544x360px
(image: Sideshow Collectibles) Sideshow Collectibles Guan Yu Vinyl Collectible | US$89.99 |

this one is dedicated to the fans of Chinese Folklore. Sideshow Collectibles present the 12-inch Guan Yu Vinyl Figure created by Kaching and sculpted by VIN TENG. if you have some knowledge on Chinese ancient history, you will be familiar with this Chinese historical figure as depicted on the classic novel “Romance of the Three Kingdoms”. for the uninitiated, Guan Yu was a warrior who was known for his martial skills and compassion. he is often depicted as an imposing, long bearded man with reddish complexion, along with his primary weapon which is later known as the ‘Guan Dao’ (Dao is the chinese for knife). Kaching’s rendition is a little to the cartoon side but still looks magnificent in its classic green edition which for $89.99, it could be yours and it comes with a special collectors edition box. another look after the break. Continue reading “Sideshow Collectibles Guan Yu Vinyl Figure Collectible”

Audeze LCD-2 (leather headband) Planar Magnetic Headphones

Audeze LCD-2 Planar Magnetic Headphones 544x390px
(credit: Audeze) Audeze LCD-2 Planar Magnetic Headphones | US$995.00 |

between audio quality and aesthetic for headphones, which one would you choose? if both is what you after, then perhaps Audeze LCD-2 (leather headband) Planar Magnetic Headphones will be your cans of choice. on the looks department, this pair of cans remind one of the 70s sci-fi pictures with its combination of hand-selected Carribean Rosewood for its ear cups, lambskin leather for its sloped ear pads and leather headband. it is one of those product that makes us ogle over it for hours on ends – even if it is just an image. it is that gorgeous. Continue reading “Audeze LCD-2 (leather headband) Planar Magnetic Headphones”

Incase DFA Records 10th Anniversary case for iPhone 4

Incase DFA Snap Case for iPhone 4 544x448px
(credit: Incase) Incase DFA 10th Anniversary Snap Case | US$39.95 |

it is true that what you wear represents what you think and in today’s context, this is true for the case you snapped onto your mobile device like your iPhone. if you are a fan of progressive sound, then perhaps snapping on a case related to a prominent progressive sound label is something you would want to do. speaking of which, progressive sound label DFA Records is marking its 10 years of founding by teaming up with Incase to launch a couple of limited edition DFA Snap Case bearing the firm’s lighting bolt logos on Incase’s signature snap case. Continue reading “Incase DFA Records 10th Anniversary case for iPhone 4”

Incase Tortoise Snap Case – hand-painted for individuality

Incase Tortoise Snap Case for iPhone 4 544x360px
(credit: Incase) Incase Tortoise Snap Case for iPhone 4 | US$34.95 |

for the style-conscious, bearing a part of the wildlife on your accessories is something of a trophy or prestigious but that be kinda of cruel. however, you can do that with the new incase Tortoise Snap Case. built around incase signature snap case, each case is individually hand painted to mimic the look of a real tortoise shell. thus, you still get the looks without harming any poor tortoise, so what’s not to like? since the case are hand painted means that no two cases are alike – a welcome news for the individualism in you. Continue reading “Incase Tortoise Snap Case – hand-painted for individuality”

Philips Fidelio – finally, sound docks for Android devices

Philips Fidelio AS851 544x328px
(image: Philips) Philips Fidelio AS851 / AS351 / AS111 | US$tba |

Android device users has no shortage of apps, accessories or headphones but sound dock dedicated to Android devices is far and few between. i am not talking about those less-than-ideal 3.5-mm jack for connection speakers. those aren’t’ sound dock cos’ obviously your Android has no proper throne to sit on, so to speak. Philips decided that something should be done and so they did. they have unveiled not one but three sound dock or Android speaker, if you like, at the IFA this week. these docks sport an adjustable microUSB connector that allows virtually any Android phone to dock in portrait or landscape orientation. Continue reading “Philips Fidelio – finally, sound docks for Android devices”

Sideshow Collectibles Batman Speargun Prop Replica

Sideshow Collectibles Batman Speargun Prop Replica 900x600px
(image: Sideshow Collectibles) Sideshow Collectibles Batman Speargun | US$399.99 |

though the original big screen Batman may not be as polished as recent years’ rendition, but that doesn’t make its prop replica any less collectible. Sideshow Collectibles present to you the Batman Speargun Prop Replica from the movie ‘Batman Returns‘ (1992, Warner Bros). manufactured by Hollywood Collector’s Gallery and Toynami, this 1:1 scale replica speargun with foldable handle sits on an oval Batman logo light-up base that any collectors will be proud to display. Continue reading “Sideshow Collectibles Batman Speargun Prop Replica”