Avanca Makes True Wireless Earbuds Affordable With $89 Minim

Lets face it. No matter how you loathe charging yet another gadget (more like talking to myself…), wireless earbuds is the future. The good news is, unlike a few years ago, there are more options now, including the likes Apple AirPods, Bose SoundSport Free, Google Pixel Buds, and today we hear that there is another […]

Google’s Wireless Earbuds Is Corded, But Clearly Less Uglier Than AirPods

There is little doubt that Google is onboard the trend train set by leading mobile phone makers. With the newest Pixel phone, it has caught up with edge-to-edge display and at the same time, the company’s first wireless earbuds appeared to have taken a leaf out from Apple’s book. I am no iSheep, but that’s […]

Bose SoundSport Free Cut The Cords, But Not Looking Awkward Like AirPods

Wireless in-ear headphones aren’t new at all and like many overly common products, we tend to skip them unless it has some worthy mentions. However, when the Bose SoundSport Free surfaced, we are obliged to let you know just to remind everyone how freaking hideous Apple AirPods is. Long before Bose came onboard the wireless […]

Apple’s First Wireless Headphone Looks Like Earrings Jutting Out Of Your Ears

Changes for the good or bad are always hard to accept, but humans are highly adaptable species and we will eventually come to terms with change. However, we suspect it may not happen with one of Apple’s latest head turning product. And it is a head turner in a bad way, really. It is not […]

Huawei Unveiled ‘Smart’ Eyewear And A Bunch Of Other Stuff

During the March 26 Huawei P30 unveiling event, Huawei also announces a surprise product, a pair of eyewear. We are not aware of the name the product, but we do know it is made in collaboration with eyewear maker Gentle Monster. Obviously, this ain’t no your ordinary eyewear. It is a ‘smart’ eyewear. It is […]