Y.O.D.A Carbon Fiber and Wool Felt Products

the Y.O.D.A Carbon Fiber and Wool Felt Products bear no relation to the alien-saint Yoda in Star Wars and the folks who started this line of awesome products certainly don’t speak like that little green sage (hear for yourself in pledge video below). anyway, if your idea of awesome accessories is carbon fiber, then you are in for a treat cos’ Y.O.D.A Case has the right products for you. besides the sophisticated and sporty look of carbon fiber, each and every Y.O.D.A product is crafted by hand from unique carbon leather weaves, which are specially cured leather, matched to 100% natural wool felt from Northern Finland. the Y.O.D.A lineup includes a couple of laptop bag, an iPhone case, a cardholder, an iPad case and even a belt, if you feel the need to accessorize your body with carbon fiber as well. Continue reading Y.O.D.A Carbon Fiber and Wool Felt Products

PowerPot X 10-Watt Portable Generator

the worst fear of any outdoor-loving geeks is running of power while out in the great outdoors, well, but that fear is non-existence if you have a PowerPot X 10-Watt Portable Generator with you. from its name, you already know it is a pot, but you probably don’t know that it is a pot which you can use to whip up a meal for two person and more, while generating up to 10 watts of power to feed your power-hungry gadgets. the PowerPot X is the new, big brother of the original PowerPot introduced last year (and one awesome product that we have listed in our Christmas Gift Ideas 2013) and with the new model, comes a new power promise. not only does the PowerPot X has more power to go around, it is now available in two pot sizes: a couple pot with 2.3-liter capacity for two, and a 3.8-liter group pot perfect for larger groups. Continue reading PowerPot X 10-Watt Portable Generator

Booq Python Slimpack Camera Backpack

spur of the moment type photographers will surely appreciate what the new Booq Python Slimpack Camera Backpack has to offer. for starter, it looks every bit of awesome and despite the compact form, it managed to pack a series of pockets and a main camera compartment with configurable plush red padded interior that not only protects your gears, but also makes your predominantly black gears stand out and thus, facilitates easy retrieval. seriously, black on black is no fun, especially true when light source is not favorable. the bag is totally capable of swallowing up up to two DSLRs, up to four mid-size lenses, one large zoom lens, a tripod, plus a 10-inch class tablet such as the iPad (without case) – and thanks to the aforementioned generously padded divider, how you are going to use and organize your photography gears is entirely up to you. Continue reading Booq Python Slimpack Camera Backpack

Santa Stakeout Kit by OpticsPlanet

now that we have all grown up, we should be all aware that Santa is a folklore, a legend of sort, which becomes the figment of imagination of every child. however, if you still do believe in Santa more than Franklin Benjamin and Toys’ R Us, then the Santa Stakeout Kit by OpticsPlanet is the perfect cache of equipment and tools necessary for staking out Santa this Christmas to prove that Santa is not an imagination that doesn’t go away with age. with this kit, you will get a whopping thirty-three items, all carefully curated to enable you to evade Santa’s detection, keep your eyes trained on the potential locations where this elusive gifting old man will appear, plus stuff that will enable you to carry out the Santa stakeout in comfort in the cold winter days. Continue reading Santa Stakeout Kit by OpticsPlanet

Disintegrating by Fabian Oefner

while there are technologies out there that can afford artists and photographers opportunity to create mind-boggling photography techniques and effects, but there are none that can capture exploded view of a complex object such as a car, without the aid of CGI. however, Swiss photographer and artist Fabian Oefner succeed in doing the aforementioned in his Disintegrating series of exploded car photographs, which are described as “possibly the slowest high-speed images ever taken.” well, almost. the thing is, the car in the image (as with the rest in the series) you see above did not literally explode and they are not real cars either; they so model cars, which means car buffs can breathe a sigh of relief that no classic wheeled beauties were destroyed in the process, though we can’t say the same for model car enthusiasts. hey, you can’t please everyone, can you? Continue reading Disintegrating by Fabian Oefner

2015 Ford Mustang

will the sixth generation pony rise above its competition? frankly, we don’t give a damn, cos’ as it is, the 2015 Ford Mustang is already a drool-worthy vehicle. of course, the pictured ride plays a part in our non-stop salivating syndrome as we go about writing up this article. the ride you see here is the top of the range 5.0-liter V8 GT model (see the badge there?), which will be offered alongside with two more ‘regular’ models, namely a 3.7-liter V6 variant with 300 hp and 270 lb-ft of torque, and an all-new fuel-efficient 2.3-liter EcoBoost engine that delivers 305 hp and a peak torque of 300 lb-ft. the GT is without doubt the one packed with all the love and affections (read: goodies), and an upgraded valvetrain and cylinder heads that yields over 420 ponies and 390 lb-ft of torque. there is also a new intake manifold which helps in modern day ride’s matters of concern, namely fuel economy, idle stability, as well as emissions. Continue reading 2015 Ford Mustang

LEGO Minecraft Collection

you know how popular games are being ported from platform to platform? well, here’s another one: Minecraft and it has been “ported” to LEGO, allowing you have a go with Minecraft in a more tactile way, so to speak. since it started out in 2012, Minecraft has been a highly successful sandbox game involving building and creating using virtual cubes, and the LEGO Minecraft Collection here lets you continue the fun even when you are not glued to your computer. the collection consists of three sets: Micro World (21102; 480 pieces), The Village (21105; 466 pieces), and The Nether (21106; 469 pieces). the first of the three, the Micro World, which is the first that the Danish toy company pushed out, is a product selected by LEGO Cuusoo members and is packed with 1×1 LEGO tiles and a pair of buildable Micromob characters: Steve and Creeper. with The Village, you get to create and customize your very own Minecraft village, and even build your own characters including the Pig, the Village and the Zombie. Continue reading LEGO Minecraft Collection

Rechargeable Spotlight & Power Pack

fact: you cannot claim that you have seen the biggest flashlight until you see the Rechargeable Spotlight & Power Pack. judging from the above image, you can’t really tell how big this device, which measures 15-3/4″ x 11-1/2″ x 12″ (about 40 x 29 x 30 cm), is until you have seen the image below. well? how was it? it is freaking big, isn’t it? btw, it wasn’t named wrongly. the Rechargeable Spotlight & Power Pack is in fact a portable spotlight with a swivel head for directing the blinding light emitted from its stay-cool, 120-watt halogen bulb to where you want it to be, thereby potentially turning your night into day. having said that, it really isn’t a flashlight but merely a functional spotlight made to look like one and probably the biggest you have seen and will ever see. get one of these and when the next power outage strikes, things will be a whole lot less painful. Continue reading Rechargeable Spotlight & Power Pack

Nike KOBE 9 Elite Featuring Nike Flyknit

when you hit the court, you want to make sure you look and perform the best, and to do so, you probably will want a pair of sophisticatedly engineered and crafted footwear such as the Nike KOBE 9 Elite Featuring Nike Flyknit. unveiled today at an event held at The Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA) in Los Angeles, the Kobe 9 Elite is set to redefine the look and performance of a basketball shoe. the shoes is of course, design in collaboration with Kobe Bryant and features three of Nike’s proudest footwear technologies: Nike Flyknit, Flywire and Lunarlon. the result is a striking pair of basketball footwear that is lightweight, strong, durable and responsive to the wearer’s movements. the KOBE 9 Elite also marks the first time Flyknit is be employed in basketball shoes. Continue reading Nike KOBE 9 Elite Featuring Nike Flyknit

Breitling Super Avenger Military Watch

get your head over the Luminox, for if luxury and real-deal watch craftsmanship are what you are after when you are out in the field, be it in a deep sea exploration or executing covert ops up in some godforsaken mountains, the Breitling Super Avenger Military Watch should be the timepiece of choice. befitting its military branding (and probably the Super Avenger namesake as well) is a 48mm black coated steel case (professionally referred to as the “ultra-resistant carbon-based coating” by the folks in Breitling), along with matching black dial featuring luminous stenciled numerals (marked in a not so often seen 24-hour time display, in the good’ol military tradition), volcano black dial and a set of black fabric military strap for the complete military look. on the functional aspect, this military watch features Breitling 13 self-winding mechanical movement, 42-hour power reserve, calendar, unidirectional ratcheted bezel, water resistant to 1,000 feet (300 meters), and screw-in guards with knurling for non-slip operation. Continue reading Breitling Super Avenger Military Watch

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