in future, we could be touching ourselves to make a call

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(credit: screenshot from YouTube video)

if you think Microsoft is letting its guard down after the success of Kinect (success as hack, not as a gaming peripheral), then you are all so wrong. as if moving our body for gaming isn’t enough, Microsoft wants us to touch ourselves to make a call or play a game of Tetris. yup, that’s right – touch ourselves. no keyboard, no mouse, just us and our arms and hands. Microsoft has tasked a team of researchers to dream up of new ways on how we might one day make a call, control our media players and reinstall the Windows OS to Mac OS. nah… i made the last one up.

one of the projects, dubbed “Skinput” is a system that allows you control your devices by touching specific points on your arm. apparently, unique vibration is generated when we ‘hit’ at different parts of our arm, thus this technology is able to pick up this unique signature and matches it to a specific operations, such as shuffling of songs on your MP3 player. check out the video after break on the vibration-sensing based control, which also can combine with a pico projector mounted on the armband (which also houses the sensing and processing unit of Skinput) to project an interface on your arm or palm.

another method being explored is sensing of electric signals from the muscles as it contracts. hence, when we executes different gestures or movements, our muscles in our body will emit signals in which a contraption such as an armband with sensors built-in could pick them up and translating them to the preassigned action. check out the cool video of hacked Guitar Hero taking input from muscles electric signals after the jump.

while these developments will certainly improve our mobility greatly but it will not see the light of implementation until many years on as they are still in its research phase. though the prospect sounds exciting but these technologies would have far bigger implication to our daily life than we thought. we would probably grow conscious about how we interact with the objects around us, as these moves might just trigger you to call 911 or volume up your media player accidentally or perhaps, getting tiny bruises all over our arms.

via Fast Company

Motion Sensor control comes to Maglite XL100 Flashlight

Maglite XL100 LED Flashlight 544x311px
(image credit: Maglite) Maglite XL100 Flashlight | US$32.30 |

who would think that a flashlight could be further improved beyond going LED? well, apparently, Maglite think it could be further improved. introducing the Maglite XL100 LED Flashlight with Advanced Flashlight User Interface. on the first look, this 4.8-inches long Maglite looks like just any other Maglite but upon a closer inspection, you will find a red button at its end with five selectable modes. granted that the different modes isn’t a top-notch feature but it is its motion sensor that makes this thing kick butts. by holding on the the red button and turning the flashlight light in either direction, user can adjust almost everything, ranging from brightness to the strobe light speed. how cool is that? check out the video of how it works after the break. Continue reading Motion Sensor control comes to Maglite XL100 Flashlight

Morgan Motor’s modern take on its classic 3-Wheeler

Morgan Motor 3-Wheeler 544x311px
(image credit: Morgan Motor Co.) Morgan 3-Wheeler | £25,000.00 |

travel back in time with this modern take of the first ever vehicle built by British automaker, Morgan Motor – the 3-Wheeler. it was considered an oddity when it first appeared in 1909 and it’s still an oddity by today’s standard. heck, it is odd when it has only three wheels and no roof! with cars growing in physical size, it is certainly odd to be seeing such as diminutive vehicle taking on the road once again. i for one, will be in constant paranoid of being run over by the bigger SUVs on the road. Continue reading Morgan Motor’s modern take on its classic 3-Wheeler

Mega Hurtz is going to change how paintball are played

Chris Rogers Mega Hurtz 544x360px
(credit: Chris Rogers)

i have never tried paintball and till today, i’m still contemplating to do so. however, if the Mega Hurtz becomes a reality, i want to be the guy operating it and not being chase by it in a game of paintball. the name alone sounds menacing enough and it doesn’t help that it has a paintball gun mounted that’s capable of 13 rounds per second. designed by RC enthusiast, Chris Rogers, the Mega Hurtz looks any other unmanned land vehicle that are a common place in battlefield today. featuring a 4-wheel drive mechanism and clad in steel plated body, this 280 pounds machine is cable of breaking through concrete walls and powerful enough to tow a hummer. Continue reading Mega Hurtz is going to change how paintball are played

Ferrari releases new official Ferrari FF video [video]

Ferrari FF official video 544p
(credit: screenshot by mike from official Ferrari FF video)

if you haven’t already heard, Ferrari has unveiled the official Ferrari FF video during its web unveiling last week. up until last week, what we have were sparse information and a few images to satisfy our curiosity about the first four wheel drive and four seater Ferrari. the video takes audience on a journey with the Ferrari FF going through a variety of scenic drive and terrains that most of people wouldn’t dream of doing. well, maybe in a dream, yes but in a high-end machine like the FF? definitely, no. the drive also take viewers to the world’s first Ferrari Theme Park in Abu Dhabi. pretty awesome video. check out the video after the break. Continue reading Ferrari releases new official Ferrari FF video

Megatron appears in a scrapyard somewhere on earth!

China Junkyard Megatron main 544x368px
(image credit: ZCOOL)

we read about a Chinese man who built a homemade tank (without the artillery, of course) but perhaps, that’s was nothing compared to what this man who called himself, Steel Legend, did. Steel Legend actually built a junkyard version of Megatron from the movie Transformer 2 with nothing but scrap metals. this Megatron serves as a metal sculpture and measures 4.5 m long, 3.2 m wide, 2.5 m height, and weighs a hefty 5 tons. just check out the intricate tracks which reportedly had at least ten modifications before its final form. i’m totally awed. Continue reading Megatron appears in a scrapyard somewhere on earth!

classic Mini Cooper turned into an ultimate gaming chair

Mini-cooper Multifunctional Chair main 544x388px
(image credit: Ross Parry) Mini Multifunctional Console | £8,000.00

this is one entertainment throne that all couch-potatoes cum part time car freak will love. conceived by David Gawthorpe, this entertainment cocoon is crafted out from an actual classic Mini Cooper. it took David two years to complete this piece of multi-functional console, in which gaming is just part of its many other functions. the working hood flips up to unveil a plush seating complete with backrest and from this seat, you can blast your favorite tunes, watch a movie, execute your overflowed work from office here or simply dump the work and play games on it. Continue reading classic Mini Cooper turned into an ultimate gaming chair

HELLO-Q lets you extend your love for LEGO to your PC

Coobeeo Hello-Q ATX PC Case main 544x468px
(image credit: Coobeeo) Coobeeo HELLO-Q PC Case | US$tbc |

if you are still contemplating on building a LEGO PC case, here’s one case that might saves you the adventure. just announced by Coobeeo Technology Co., Ltd, a Taiwan-based PC case manufacturer, is a LEGO-inspired PC case dubbed the HELLO-Q. measuring 450 x 200 x 410 mm, this novel PC case has a studded faceplate that allows user have LEGO-like fun on it, such as forming up of words or even creating a holder for your stationery. i don’t think you be using this in the office, but if you do, you can put words like ‘i hate you, boss’ or sort. aside the studded face, the faceplate includes a pair of USB port and the standard audio jacks. the case is design to fit ATX or micro ATX mainboard and will comes in four flavor of colors, namely, black, pink, baby blue and white.

no words on its pricing and availability but it sure helps if you have contacts over in Taiwan who can help to snoop this baby out. looks cool but we prefer to have studs all round the case, not just the faceplate.

Coobeeo Hello-Q PC Case main2 544x468px
(image credit: Coobeeo) quick customization such as stationery holder or form words on the PC faceplate

Coobeeo via Akihabara News

Carbon Fiber knife doubles as a money clip

Carbon Fiber Gear Creditor Carbon Fiber Money Clip Knife main 544x380px
(image credit: Carbon Fiber Gear) Creditor Carbon Fiber Money Clip Knife by John Kubasek | US$199.95 |

what does a pocket knife and money has in common? well, actually they have nothing in common until Creditor Carbon Fiber Money Clip Knife by John Kubasek comes along. yeah, that’s right. this foldable pocket knife, roughly the size of a credit card, has money clip integrated onto its back that holds your bills and perhaps, some credit cards. the blade is off a laminate of D2 tool steel and carbon fiber, not something you usually find on a pocket knife. of course, the actual cutting edge is of steel which allows sharpening when necessary, while the handle is constructed out of titanium for a cool and light weight factor. looks pretty neat, though we are not sure if this gadget is flight friendly and we’re not sure what’s the rationale behind the knife-and-money clip combo but it certainly has the cool factor.

so why should you get this? perhaps, its because it is custom-made by renowned knife-maker John Kubasek or it simply look racy-cool. pardon me for stereotyping carbon fiber but it does reminds me of fast cars (and to extend, race queens). the Carbon Fiber Gear Creditor Carbon Fiber Money Clip Knife by John Kubasek will set you back at $199.95. being affordable is clearly not the priority. eh? but its carbon fiber, dude!

images horizontal 544x38px

Carbon Fiber Gear Creditor Carbon Fiber Money Clip Knife 640x448px Carbon Fiber Gear Creditor Carbon Fiber Money Clip Knife - front 640x448px Carbon Fiber Gear Creditor Carbon Fiber Money Clip Knife - back (credit card and money not included) 640x448px Carbon Fiber Gear Creditor Carbon Fiber Money Clip Knife fits in a wallet (wallet not included) 640x448px

Tokidoki bags – cartoons never look so good on bags

Tokidoki bags main 544x360px
(image credit: Tokidoki) Tokidoki Bag Collections | from US$50.00 |

Tokidoki recently announced its spring bag collections, including a 24.5-inch luggage that caught our eyes. i know Valentine’s day is over, but that won’t stop you from grabbing a tote bag or two for your love one, doesn’t it? besides the luggage, there is also a wallet and several small carriers and totes. the line up includes the Dixon collection, Sand Diego collection, Mondrian collection, the Salinas collection, among the many others. pretty cool but being a guy, naturally, i only have my eyes for the luggage. Continue reading Tokidoki bags – cartoons never look so good on bags

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