Agent Tokidoki X Skullcandy headphones: budget with style

Agent Tokidoki X Skullcandy Headphones 544x344px
(credit: Tokidoki) Agent Tokidoki X Skullcandy Headphones | US$59.99 |

Tokidoki announced a new collaboration headphones with fashion headphones brand Skullcandy. the result is this Agent Tokidoki X Skullcandy headphones. for a price of just $59.90, i dare say it’s more for fashion statement then audio quality. i may be wrong but as usual, any music gear always requires a serious audition. however, on the style end, the headphones covered with Tokidoki signature graphics and accented with pale gold chrome hardware is definitely a looker. Continue reading Agent Tokidoki X Skullcandy headphones: budget with style

turn your iPhone into a sleek home/office fixed line phone

iFusion SmartStation 544x311px
(credit: iFusion) iFusion SmartStation | US$149.00(pre-order) |

back in December last year, we featured Hashy Top-In docking station that turns your iPhone into a fixed line phone. that was a neat idea but it doesn’t look as polished, especially with its the 3.5 mm cable jutting out. well, there’s a new kid on the block that will fix the aesthetic ‘issue’ of the Hashy item and this new kid is the iFusion SmartStation.

the SmartStation is an integrated communications docking station for iPhone 3G, 3GS and iPhone 4 that harness the power of Bluetooth wireless technology, turning your iPhone into a traditional hands-free speaker fixed line phone. i’m sure you still remember how a fixed line phone looks like, don’t you? needless to say, it is designed to look like a traditional fixed line phone complete with a handset and coil cord.

the SmartStation has a built in dock connector that syncs and charges your iPhone while docked, and an audio line out port allows connecting to separate powered speakers if louder audio is required. using A2DP Bluetooth streaming, users can also enjoy their music in their iPhone over the SmartStation’s built-in speaker.

the iFusion SmartStation is available in either black or white and has a pre-order price of $149. it will start shipping sometime this month.

Thanks to Abu Beeman for the tip!

Gresso presents LUXOR WORLD TIME GOLD mobile phone

Gresso Luxor World Time Gold 544x588px
(credit: Gresso) Gresso Luxor World Time Gold | US$30,000.00 |

even though i favor smartphones over traditional mobile phones, i do appreciate a well crafted piece of mobile phone. especially one that’s exquisitely crafted and put together. joining Gresso luxurious line of mobile phones is the Gresso Luxor World Time Gold, a luxuriously crafted mobile phone for the rich folks who never got around using a smartphone (or perhaps, those who hate being out-smarted by a smartphone). aside from its striking 18K gold body, the Luxor World Time has a specially designed six independent clocks that took up just 2 millimeters of depth of the 12 millimeters thick phone.

the clocks display time of the five major business centers in the world, namely, New York, Tokyo, Paris, London and Moscow. the sixth time is customizable to the user’s liking. the main screen is of two-sided sapphire crystal treated with antireflective coating and the back panel features a luxurious black Italian leather. simply dazzling. among the sea of touchscreen phones, isn’t it nice to see the traditional key pad again? well, not just any key pad. each key is made of an unique durable crystal sapphire, hand polished with diamond tools and the numbers and alphabets laser engraved.

needless to say, such intricate piece of art does not come cheap. the Gresso Luxor World Time Gold has a hefty price tag of $30,000 and is available from either Gresso official dealers or Gresso web store. fortunately, smartphone is still the communication device of choice for me, else i wouldn’t have a clue how to find that kind money for such a beautiful phone.

Flipper provides a fun way of holding your toothbrush

Flipper Hello Kitty 544x288px
Flipper Toothbrush Holder | from US$3.99 |

putting your toothbrushes in stationery-like container can be quite cluttered, not to mention exposing your toothbrushes to unwelcome creepy crawlies such as roaches and spiders. yucks. to think that you will be putting the toothbrush in your mouth every night and day. this is where the Flipper comes in. the Flipper is a worldwide patented toothbrush holder that shields your toothbrush while providing just enough ventilation so that your bristles will be dry and clean. Continue reading Flipper provides a fun way of holding your toothbrush

REETI is a robot and a media center PC rolled into one

REETI Robot Media Center PC 544x368px
(credit: Robopec) REETI Media Center PC | US$tbc |

there are times when we felt miserable watching a movie alone at home. thanks to the folks from the French firm Robopec, you might not be that lonely anymore. Robopec recently showcased the REETI which is both a media center PC and a robot. what’s impressive is that this robot, which looks to be a cross between a Shrek and frog, is capable of showing a range of emotions and response to both speech and touch. catch the REETI presentation after the break to see for yourself. i know, i’m impressed.

REETI Robot expression - Bored 720x480px REETI Robot expression - Gaze 720x480px REETI Robot expression - Sad 720x480px REETI Robot expression - Satisfied 720x480px REETI Robot expression - Stunned 720x480px

REETI has two independent cameras built into its eyes and has the ability to track people. seriously, the tracking part does creep me out. words are that REETI would be seeing production at some point in time but i certainly hope that they will have more design and color options by then. in the mean time, check out the presentation video after the break.

REETI via DVICE / Engadget

Luna Faucet by GRAFF looks nothing like a faucet

Luna Faucet by GRAFF 544x348px
GRAFF Lunar Faucet | US$PoR |

we have seen our fair share of faucets and this new range of faucets from GRAFF is anything but conventional. you didn’t think it as a faucet until we told you so, didn’t you? as the name suggest, the curvy profile represents the crescent edge of the moon but we thought it reminiscent more of a samurai sword instead. nevertheless, it is something that unique-freak would love. the sexy curve and flatness gives it a very contemporary feel. the Luna Faucet is available in polished chrome and brushed Steelnox satin nickel finishes. as for pricing, you gotta get in touch with Graff retailers for details.

via Yanko Design

limited edition Ice Blue TRON Xbox 360 controller by PDP

PDP Ice Blue TRON Xbox 360 Controller 544x488px
(credit: PDP) Limited Edition Ice Blue TRON Controller | US$49.99 |

if you are still running the TRON fever, then this limited edition Ice Blue TRON Xbox 360 controller might appeal to you. aesthetically, this item looks great with its stripes that illuminates in ice blue color except that it is a wired controller. which can be quite a downer. this officially licensed product by Microsoft features rubber grips with soft touch, precision controller parts and vibration support. only 350 units will be made available and it is expect to ship out sometime in mid-April. the PDP Limited Edition Ice Blue TRON Controller is up for pre-order exclusively at PDP web store for $49.99. Continue reading limited edition Ice Blue TRON Xbox 360 controller by PDP

spotted: knock-off Twelve South Compass stand [photos]

knock-off Twelve South Compass for iPad 544x588px
(credit: mike) is it even legal?

spotted last week at a local IT store was an iPad stand that looks exactly like the Twelve South item. even the pictures on the packaging were very familiar. i wonder if the store owner was aware about this. just a few store down, there is an Apple official retailer that are selling the authentic Compass. the knock-off item cost US$22 and what i saw was the last piece. it looks to me that it was a sell-out for the knock-off. the reason why am posting this? firstly, i can’t believe i would find a knock-off Twelve South product in the market and secondly, i hope to make people aware about this. personally, i do not support knock-off, like ever. Continue reading spotted: knock-off Twelve South Compass stand [photos]

everything is gold with Astro Gaming ‘The Gold Edition’

Astro Gaming The Gold Edition 544x340px
(credit: Astro Gaming) Astro Gaming The Gold Edition | from US$999.95 |

are your gaming accessories lacking of the weight and bling factor? fret not, Astro Gaming has a solution for you – in the form of the exclusive limited edition ‘The Gold Edition’ (seriously, i feel awkward phrasing that) which are essentially gaming gears created out from solid 22K gold. whoa… if this is not pimped, i don’t know what is. check out some images after the break to witness for yourself.

The Gold Edition product line includes the A40 headphones, XBOX 360 controller, MixAmp 5.8 RX wireless receiver and the Urban Lanyard. the latter is more like a gold chain than a lanyard, which would be something hip hop artists and rappers would love. aside from the 22K gold, the Gold Edition XBOX 360 controller also sports a diamond-tipped buttons and gold wiring. you might not have midas touch but you can get these ready-in-gold item to add some bling to your gaming experience.

now all that’s left is to get an XBOX 360 that’s dress in gold. no word on the availability of the Gold Edition but you can head down to their website and be notified when it becomes available. however, be prepared to shell out at least $999.95 for The Gold Edition.

images horizontal 544x38px

Astro Gaming Gold Edition A40 headset 576x600px Astro Gaming Gold Edition XBox 360 Controller 576x600px Astro Gaming Gold Edition MixAmp 5.8 Rx Wireless Receiver 576x600px Astro Gaming Gold Edition Urban Lanyard 576x600px

Astro Gaming via Born Rich


a band for your note book that will keep your pens together

Cleverhands Journal Bandolier 544x368px
(credit: Cleverhands) Journal Bandolier | US$16.95 |

even at this digital age, most of us still rely on the trusty pen and paper combo to jot down meeting notes. or perhaps, it is just me. i, for one, find it hard to jot down important notes digitally even though i have access to digital devices. there is just something about traditional means of writing that draws us to it. that said, i still carry a note book and pen around. yeah, usually, just a single pen. that’s where the problem arise. i tend to lose the pen and also, if you have one huge bag without any compartments (and a whole lot of junks in it), chances are, you won’t find your pen either.

Journal Bandolier by Cleverhands aims to solve the pen and note book separation issue by binding them together. Journal Bandolier is not a note book but it is a handmade band made out of reclaimed rubber that has loops to hold not just one pen, but seven of them. losing pen is one of our favorite pastime, so it’s great that we can bring another six along. it’s an awesome product, plus it is totally affordable. the Journal Bandolier cost $16.95 a pop and are available via Etsy.

images horizontal 544x38px

Cleverhands Journal Bandolier 900x600px Cleverhands Journal Bandolier 900x600px Cleverhands Journal Bandolier 900x600px Cleverhands Journal Bandolier 900x600px

Etsy via Cool Material

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