carriage of the future looks a little too TRON-ish

Shengjie Wang XSCAPE - front angled view 544px
(image credit: Shengjie Wang)

concept vehicles are not new but the XSCAPE, designed by Shengjie Wang, looks like an early century horse carriage instead of some flashy, sports car. designed with flexibility in mind, this narrow vehicle is prep for the dense concrete jungle of the future. when exactly? we are not quite sure. the generous use of blue lights in and around the vehicle plus the hub-less, skinny wheels (with lights, of course), tells us that the XSCAPE is TRON-inspired. Continue reading carriage of the future looks a little too TRON-ish

TETi Extreme speakers are speakers with a twist – literally

Book of Music TETi Extreme Loudspeakers img1 544px
(image credit: Book of Music) Book of Music TETi Extreme Loudspeakers | from US$9,920.00 |

unconventional speaker enclosure is not new, specially for the high-end, down-right ridiculously expensive loudspeakers. but the TETi Extreme Loudspeakers from Book of Music takes unconventional with a twist – literally. according to Book of Music, the twist of the speaker is intentional and it is a result of “careful design and experimental refinement to maintain a proper phase relationship between the two drivers.”

the TETi Extreme Loudspeakers feature a two way no conventional enclosure and spots a 6.5-inch paper cone woofer. price for being unconventional starts from $9,920 (each – not pair) for a stock finish and $10,481 for the special liquid-rubber coating. apparently, finishes can be custom too, at a higher price, of course.

Book of Music TETi Extreme Loudspeakers img2 544px

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Polo CitiZ Machine Limited Edition Nespresso

Polo CitiZ Machine Limited Edition Nespresso img1 544px
(image credit: Nespresso) Polo CitiZ Machine Limited Edition Nespresso | US$3,350.00 |

how many of you here likes coffee? and how many here loves Polo? (the game, not the designer wear) if you raise your hand for both, then you are in luck. Nepresso Argentina has limited edition machine, dubbed CitiZ Polo Machine, specially designed by contemporary artist Alejandro Moy.

being limited edition means, it is… well limited and thus, only 100 of this machine will be available for sales which started last year on October 14. as an added exclusivity, this Nespresso machine will comes with a special leather bag. it looks like the bag would fit the machine. if so, why would i be lugging a $3,350 dollar machine around?

not surprisingly, Nespresso was the Official sponsor of the 117th Argentine Polo Open Championship and sponsor of the Argentine Association of Polo Players in 2010 – hence this special edition but there might not be as many Polo fans compared to iPad users.

Polo CitiZ Machine Limited Edition Nespresso img2 544px
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Easy-Pour re-innovates the way you water your gardens

FISKARS Easy-Pour Watering Can img2 544px
(image credit: FISKARS) FISKARS Easy-Pour Watering Can | US$19.99 |

who would think a mundane task like watering the plants with a watering can could be further be improved? well apparently, FISKARS thinks so. introducing the Easy-Pouring Water Can which it is not your ordinary everyday watering can. how so? you asked?

for a start, this 2.6 Gallons (or 9.8 liters) can has an additional hinged handle that rotates to enable easier watering. next, it has a rotatable watering spout for a choice of gentle shower or plant soaking. FISKARS attention to detail doesn’t stop there, the filling hole is offset to the side which makes filling up of water a whole lot easier.

it’s a simple product that addresses some long standing issues that comes with such a mundane task. simply amazing. i have my fair share of watering of plants and this can just addressed two ‘major’ issues that i have faced from time to time. why didn’t anybody think of that? i must say the rotating spout is an added bonus and best of all, it cost just $19.99. isn’t life beautiful?

FISKARS Easy-Pour Watering Can img1 544px

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from concept to reality: ZIIIRO watches go on sale now

ZIIIRO Gravity White Magenta 544px
(image credit: ZIIIRO) ZIIIRO Gravity & Mercury | from €110.00 |

these watches first appeared as a concept but unlike so many concepts that failed to see reality, these watches, known as ZIIRO Gravity and Mercury, is now a reality and they are on sale now. designed by Robert Dabi, the ZIIIRO watches provides a simple and unique way of reading time, though it would take a bit of learning first. Continue reading from concept to reality: ZIIIRO watches go on sale now

a tissue box in the form of an iconic factory design

Smoke Tissue Case img1 544px
(image credit: Je Sung Park/W-Works)

factory packed tissue box can be such a dork. we put on some form of case or cover over them in an attempt to beautify them and also, to stop advertising its brand in our homes. however what we do to cover it up, it is after all, oblong in shape but here’s a tissue case that changes the dull shape into one that is funky and recognizable to all of us. i would say it’s iconic, in a way.

designed by Je Sung Park for Weekend Works, this tissue box, dubbed the Smoke Tissue Case, takes on the form of a familiar icon of a factory. you know? those series of one-sided angular roof? awesome idea and design. we have the penchant for nice and unique design, needless to say, we love this.

tissues are dispensed via the top, which reminiscent of smoke spilling out from the factory. white tissue may not be as realistic, so time to find some grey or black tissues to add to the realism of what industrialization has been spitting out. they are stackable too – and if you managed to get enough of them, you could create an art wall. sweet.

images bar 150x67 Smoke Tissue Case img2 544px Smoke Tissue Case img3 544px Smoke Tissue Case img7 544px
images bar 150x67 Smoke Tissue Case Discovered in Amazon 544px Smoke Tissue Case Drowning Polar Bears 544px Smoke Tissue Case China's the World Factory 544px

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warming up with Bullerjan furnace that looks like a V8 engine

Bullerjan Furnace Design 544px
(image credit: Bullerjan) Bullerjan Furnace | from US$2,000.00 |

we never thought wood burning hot air furnace still exists, not to mention it could look so good. the Bullerjan Furnace has eight pipes on each of the top and the bottom sides, which reminiscent of a V8 engine. the bottom eight pipes draw in cold air, while the eight pipes on the top throws out hot air, giving you the warm for this cold winter season. the Bullerjan is also known as Free Flow hot air furnace, was reportedly developed by Canadian lumberjacks.

hot air and the apparent similarity to a V8 engine aside, the Bullerjan is available in six capacity sizes ranging from 6 to 45 kW and has accessory, in the form of enclosure, to go with it. though it looks awesomely cool, and probably complements the V8 muscle car in your garage, i won’t be needing this anytime of the year. sad. do they have one that generates cold air instead?

images bar 150x67 Bullerjan Furnace Classic 544px Bullerjan Furnace Stone 544px Bullerjan Furnace Industry 544px

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LG Smart TV Upgrader refreshes your outdated HDTV

LG Smart TV Upgrader 544px
(image credit: LG Electronics) LG Smart TV Upgrader | US$tbc |

i always find it intriguing whenever some ‘odd’ functions device comes into the market. it makes me think “is there really a market for the new device?” i have the same thought when i read about the LG Smart TV Upgrader ST600, a little black box that promised to give any old HDTV a new lease of life. Continue reading LG Smart TV Upgrader refreshes your outdated HDTV

1/6th scale mark V limited edition Iron 2 suitcase armor figurine

Hot Toys 1/6th scale Mark V Limited Edition Collectible Figurine img1
1/6th scale Mark V Limited Edition Collectible Figurine | US$tbc |
(image credit: Hot Toys)

first off, i’m not a big fan of Iron Man movies but i am a huge fan of the Iron Man figurines from Hot Toys. having own two already, this piece certainly looks like a must have for me (excuses… excuses…). coming soon from Hot Toys is this movie-accurate Mark V suitcase armor which only appeared once in the Iron Man 2 movie (when Tony Stark first met Ivan Vanko). Continue reading 1/6th scale mark V limited edition Iron 2 suitcase armor figurine

device that lets your pocket video camera tracks your every move

Satarii Star Integrated Tracking System 544px
(image credit: Satarii Star)

self-portrait for still images isn’t an issue as long as the camera has a built-in self-timer but what about self-videoing? the biggest issue with self-video is following or tracking. when the subject moves, the camera doesn’t, thus resulting in subject went out of frame. three guys, Vlad Tetelbaum, Brian Lamb and Dean Hamilton has a clever solution that allows your camera to follow your every move. in essence, it’s an integrated tracking system for pocket video camera. Continue reading device that lets your pocket video camera tracks your every move

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