smartphone equipped bike: ECODRIVE Bicycle (Seoul Cycle Design Competition)

DesignJoo ECODRIVE Bicycle 544px
(photo credit: ECODRIVE Bicycle | US$tbc (Concept) |

i love this bicycle. really. just check out those sleek lines. this beautiful bicycle is the brain child of Korean designer JUIL KIM with the purpose of improving riding experience and safety aspect of riding. it is not just any other bicycle. its a bicycle that has a proper built-in head lamp and turn signals for safety. no more putting your hands at risk in trying to signal your turns (be it balancing or risk of hitting someone or somethings). Continue reading smartphone equipped bike: ECODRIVE Bicycle (Seoul Cycle Design Competition)

60x microscope with illumination for iPhone 4

Brando iPhone 4 microscope 544px
(photo credit: iPhone 4 Microscope | US$17.50 |

first, there was a possibility of iPhone becoming a POS machine and barcode reader, now it can be a microscope as well. sounds far fetch? not with the iPhone 60x microscope with illumination attachment.

retail by Brando, this US$17.50 accessory allows you the opportunity to transform your iPhone 4 into a micro-organism observer. it comes with 2x white LED for your scientific observation under dim or dark environment and also a LED for note detector.

powering the LEDs are three LR1130 batteries, so nothing will be sapped from your already poor performing iphone battery life. looks pretty cool and i suppose its a great way for an impromptu microorganism study.

Brando iPhone 4 microscope close up 544px
Brando iPhone 4 microscope carrier & attachment case 544px
Brando iPhone 4 microscope with LED illumination 544px
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via BoingBoing

this bike rack sucks – in a good way: SeaSucker Vacuum-mounted Bike Rack

SeaSucker Vacuum-mounted Bike Rack 544px
SeaSucker Vacuum-mounted Bike Rack | from US$146.99 |

seldom the word “suck” can be so positively used. well, “suck” is what the SeaSucker Vacuum-mounted Bike Rack does – in a good (& firm) way. the sucker on the Vacuum-mounted Bike Rack is different from your ordinary suction cups – it has a built-in pump which enables the rubber suction cups to stay in place, holding up your precious Cannondale bike while you whiz off (in your automobile, of course) to your favorite riding spot.

there’s a catch though. the cups will loose it’s pressure over time and when that happen, the red line on the pump button starts to appear. all you have to do is to top up the pressure of the suction cup. hence, its not a “mount and forget” kind of gadget; you gotta do your due diligence every now and then, or you may risk loosing your precious Cannondale bike on the highway.

SeaSucker claims that the product has enough suction force to allow people to climb up the sides of buildings – quite probable but i wouldn’t want to verify the claim myself though. on the SeaSucker website, one of the photo shows a person standing on the mounted bike rack which is pretty impressive.

after reading this awesome bike rack mount for your automobile, and you just can’t get enough of SeaSucker, no worries – the company has a range of other products that sucks too. ranging from mobile phone holders to cup holders to camera mounts.

SeaSucker Vacuum-mounted Bike Rack 544px
the built-in vacuum pump
(photo credit:


yet another Android Tablet – NEC LifeTouch Tablet Terminal

NEC LifeTouch Tablet Terminal
(photo credit: NEC LifeTouch Tablet | US$tbc |

questions: which product is flocking the market besides iPad cases/sleeves? answer: Android-based tablet, or simply put ‘tablet’ in general. after iPad, manufacturers are feeling more comfortable in rolling out tablets to the mass market. this can be witness by the introduction of Blackberry Playbook, the Galaxy Tab, AlessiTab and more recently, the Creative Tablet.

NEC is no exception and it announced its Android-based tablet, dubbed the “LifeTouch” tablet terminal on the 10th this month. according to NEC, it will be a “new cloud communicator”, “in support of corporate client services through cloud computing“.

the LifeTouch will spot a 7-inch LCD with Android operation system and reportedly to be of “thin design”, weighing at approximately 370 grams. other than these, nothing much is known about this “cloud communicator” which will start shipping at the end of the month in Japan. strangely, not much info is available at this point despite the availability date is just round the corner.

NEC LifeTouch Tablet Terminal Profile Views 544px
NEC LifeTouch Tablet Terminal with docking station 544px
NEC LifeTouch Tablet Terminal - more views 544px

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read press release.

basic gesture interface use in Public Mall (video & photos)

gesture interface use in Mall 544px
(photo credit:

the recent Christian Dior history showcase features a basic gesture interface for public information service. while it was not as sophisticated as the one that Hitachi showcased in CEATEC Japan 2010, it indicates a promising start for such technology for public service information application. by not touching the interface, it is definitely going to be more hygienic.

we tested it and found it to be quite smooth, though the page sometimes tend to stick to the “hand”. it even works when trying to page it at faster pace, albeit a little jerky. for this showcase, its only limited to swiping gestures but we hope to see more gestures such as pinch-zoom, rotate et cetera, in future development. looks like Minority Report isn’t too far away. cool.

check out a short video clip below.

gesture motion sensing use in Mall 544px
gesture motion sensing use in Mall 544px

vintage gadget: the Kodak Brownie Flash III camera

Kodak Brownie Flash III camera - angled 544px(photo credit:

one look at the rusted can, we all know this is not the latest gadget but a gadget from the past. the Kodak Brownie Flash III camera was introduced in the 1957 and had a rather short lifespan ended in the 1960. it’s classified as a “Box rollfilm” camera and features Kodet f/14 with close-up lens and single blade shutter.

while there’s not much value to this box camera, but it is certainly a true vintage. how about a remake of this camera with modern digital technology? that would be really cool. don’t you think so?

scroll down for more photos.

Kodak Brownie Flash III camera - front 544px
Kodak Brownie Flash III camera - front 544px
Kodak Brownie Flash III camera - inside  544px
Kodak Brownie Flash III camera - side 544px
Kodak Brownie Flash III camera - view finder
(photo credit:

holy molly! its a road-worthy classic 60′s replica batmobile!

Fiberglass Freaks licensed replica 60s batmobile 544px
(photo credit: Replica Batmobile | US$150,000 |

your eyes isn’t playing tricks on you and you heard it right, its a real road-worthy replica 60’s Batmobile. following up to the recent featured article on Bob Dullam’s home-built Batmobile Tumbler – which money can’t buy, we present something that’s not beyond bat-fans’ reach – that’s if you have US$150K to spare. Continue reading holy molly! its a road-worthy classic 60′s replica batmobile!

moshi moshi… who’s there? Native Union Moshi Moshi 04

Native Union Moshi Moshi 04 544px
(photo credit: Native Union Moshi Moshi 04 | £150.00 |

guess what is this? if you guessed ‘speakers’, you are almost right. essentially, it is a Bluetooth-enabled speakers from Native Union Moshi Moshi series, simply called Moshi Moshi 04. beside’s looking neat, the Moshi Moshi 04 Bluetooth speakers lets you pair and answer calls on two different Bluetooth devices.

the use of Moshi Moshi 04 is not limited to mobile or smart phones. it can connects to Bluetooth-enabled laptop where you can use it for VoIP Internet calls. it will also works as a Bluetooth stereo speakers and a noise-reduction conference call unit.

i am guessing this one will be a perfect match for those who are constantly on mobile for conference calls. so your hands can be free to do something else, like taking a sip of water, maybe?

sophisticated docking: the Bang & Olufsen BeoSound 8 dock

B&O BeoSound 8 sound dock 544px
(image: B&O) B&O BeoSound 8 Dock | US$999 |

you can always trust Bang & Olufsen (commonly known as B&O) to come up with product that make you exclaim ‘wow’ and the BeoSound 8 is no exception. finally we have a sound dock that docks the iPad as well, not just your iPods or iPhones. the new BeoSound 8 can be hanged on the wall, and place anywhere as long there’s a power outlet to power it. Continue reading sophisticated docking: the Bang & Olufsen BeoSound 8 dock

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