BAIT x Nike Stranger Things Air Tailwind 79

Just when we thought the Nike x Stranger Things capsule collection was beyond dope, this came along: BAIT x Nike Stranger Things Air Tailwind 79. And we have reasons to be excited and infuriated at the same time. Excited because, this pair of one-off kicks is packed with hidden details. So much so that it feels as cryptic as the Russian in the TV series. Infuriated because, it is not something money can buy, at least not anymore.

BAIT x Nike Stranger Things Air Tailwind 79

It was a San Diego Comic-Con exclusive and it was only available at American retailer BAIT San Diego’s scavenger hunt which took place over the SDCC weekend. It is safe to say that you will not be able to purchase one. Looking through BAIT’s blog, this wasn’t the only SDCC special from BAIT, but given its extreme rarity and hidden features that reference to Stranger Things 3, it may very well be the most coveted item from BAIT at SDCC.

In this third Stranger Things Air Tailwind 79, the textural grey fabric layer on the upper can be burned away to reveal hidden logos and design elements underneath. The way BAIT x Nike Stranger Things Air Tailwind 79 reveals the hidden designs is much like the AJ1 “Bulls vs. Lakers”. The only difference is, this is obviously a lot easier to reveal compared to the Air Jordan 1 “Bulls vs. Lakers”.

BAIT x Nike Stranger Things Air Tailwind 79

Anywho, there are other nifty design details that reference specifically to Stranger Things 3 which makes this pair of sneakers so collectible. These include sketches of the machine the Russian used to re-open the gate to The Upside Down emblazoned on one insole and more sketches on the other insole along with the title of first episode “Suzie, Do You Copy?” Removing the insoles further reveal more secrets: cryptic Russian code, in both Russian and English, that was latter cracked by Robin, Steve and Dustin, printed inside the shoes.

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Wow. That’s clearly beyond cool. I will probably never wear these kicks if I had them. Seriously, if the BAIT x Nike Stranger Things Air Tailwind 79 doesn’t get fans of Stranger Things juice pumping, I don’t know what will.

Images: BAIT.

Source: Hyperbae.