Polk Audio never specifically said that their newest vintage Americana-inspired audio cans, the Buckle and Hinge headphones, are audiophile-grade cans – i guess they don’t really need to, do they? especially when Polk Audio is one established audio equipment maker with 40 years of experience under its belt. the the Buckle and Hinge headphones are essentially identical in specs, but largely differs by design style: the Buckle is an over-ear design, while the Hinge is an on-ear model. both has 40mm dynamic balance drivers in it and are dressed in an awesome chestnut or black hue with contrasting stitching, as well as metal detailing.

as far as design is concern, retro is the name of the game and this attractive aesthetic is matched to the brand’s legendary sound, featuring Polk Optimized Electro-acoustic Tuning (POET) technology that, together with the 40mm drivers, offers you an immersive audio experience. further details include ergonomic headband wrapped in stitched protein leather, machined metal pivots, plush-padded ear cups, foldable design for easy storage, Apple-compatible in-line three-button remote, and gold-plated finishing on the 3.5mm plug and hinges. speaking of gold-plating, we thought the Brown and Gold version of the Buckle and Hinge Headphones would be a fitting match to the new gold iPhone 5s.

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the Buckle and Hinge headphones will set you back at $249 and $179, respectively. also available in Black and Silver colorway. hit the jump to steal a few more look at the duo.

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