It is safe to assume that if you drive a Porsche 911, you are pretty up there as far as disposal income is concern. In other words, you should be pretty damn rich, and if that is so, you may want this particular sound bar called Porsche Design 911 Soundbar Black Edition from Porsche Design in your life to, you know, complement your love for Porsche 911.

Porsche Design 91 Soundbar Black Edition

It is not for everyone who loves Porsche (911, in particular) and have the money to drop, though, because, this sound bar form is not quite a low profile bar like most sound bars are. In fact, it is the opposite – attributed by an actual rear silencer and tailpipe of the Porsche 911 GT3 protruding on top of the bar and thus, it is a little too tall to be placed in front of table top stand TV. It is no doubt a sight to behold, but really, it is only good for if you have wall-mounted TV.

Porsche Design 91 Soundbar Black Edition

Anyways, the rear silencer and tailpipe, which are hand finished in black power coating for durability and looks, functions as a subwoofer Helmholtz resonator extension. It is a 200W 2.1 virtual surround and stereo sound system with Bluetooth for wireless audio streaming.

Porsche Design 91 Soundbar Black Edition

Other notables include support for aptX technology, bass and treble control, Dolby Digital decoder, DTS TruSurround virtual surround signal processing, an LED display, lip-sync function for exact speech synchronization, and each unit comes with a plaque with sequential limited edition number engraved on it.

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Speaking of limited edition, the Porsche Design 91 Soundbar Black Edition is limited to just 911 pieces worldwide and as for the cost, it will set you back at a bank account-busting 3,500 euro, or a little over 4,000 American dollars. Yikes.

Images: Porsche Design.

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