Prism 200c backpack lets you see through walls

Cambridge Consultants Prism 200c 544x428px
(credit: Cambridge Consultants)

now, this is creepy. a backpack that lets users see through walls that are constructed out of bricks, blocks, woods, and even concrete walls. humans obsession in seeing through things has spurred such early developments but this backpack, dubbed Prism 200c developed by Cambridge Consultants, is the first highly portable single-user version.
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all users have to do is to place their backs toward a wall or a building and the results are transmitted to the user’s handheld device. the backpack radar gives the locations and movement of anyone that are behind the wall. however, there are no details on the extend of the clarity of the ‘results’. Cambridge Consultants is marketing this device for military and law enforcement use. the fact that it is designed to look like any other backpack, makes the Prism 200c perfect choice for any covert snooping missions.

Cambridge Consultants via Fast Company

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