QDC Blue Dragon Luxury Jewelry Earphones

Some audiophiles will willingly shell out thousands for a pair of cans. However, I am not quite sure anyone would drop thousands for a pair of wired earbuds, let alone US$13,800. And US$13,800 is exactly how much the QDC Blue Dragon Luxury Jewelry Earphones commands.

QDC Blue Dragon Luxury Jewelry Earphones

You read that right. This pair of earphones cost as much as a small car. Earphones! Can you imagine that??? So, what exactly made it so pricey? My guess is, perhaps it has something to do with the 18K gold fused titanium metal outer case that is also embellished with no less than 800 sapphires.

The outer casing boasts a unique design, a so-called 3D camouflage design, offering depth. QDC is a brand by China’s Shenzhen Qili Industrial Co., Ltd., and this is the brand’s first luxe earbuds. No. Wrong. It is the company’s first super luxe earbuds. The company is no stranger in selling thousand plus dollars earbuds, btw.

And the company also makes technical earbuds for the military and law enforcement agencies. While we may not hear of this brand, it is definitely no small fly in China.

QDC Blue Dragon Luxury Jewelry Earphones

Anywho, this pair of earphones does look a little ostentatious. Perfect for music-loving local tycoon (which China has a lot of them, btw), or their offspring with audiophile ears.

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But make no mistake. The QDC Blue Dragon Luxury Jewelry Earphones is not just for looks. Attention to the technical performance is also the highlight if the ostentatious haven’t already taken away all your attention…

It features three switches for switching between eight audio profiles to suit different music genres, while a 10-driver per earbud balanced armature design is responsible for audio delivery.

Even the cable isn’t spared from high-end materials. In this instance, it packed 3 types of wire: gold-plated pure sterling, Leeds silver-plated single crystal copper and copper palladium alloy, spread across 49 cores forming a 4-strand cross braid.

QDC Blue Dragon Luxury Jewelry Earphones

The 4-strand cross braid cable, the company said, reminiscent of dragon skin. The so-called dragon skin themed is not limited to the cable; it can be found on the special case made from the finest ostrich leather.

Since I never seen a dragon before, I can’t say if the cable or the case’s skin looks like dragon skin. That said, it is not known which folklore’s dragon the company has referenced to. Perhaps, is the mythical Chinese dragon?

Don’t worry about the dragon because, most people won’t be able to bear to part with US$13,800 for it anyways.

Images: Shenzhen Qili Industrial Co., Ltd./QDC.com.

Source: QDC via Luxury Launches.