If you want to get the most out of Apple Lossless Audio, you may want to ditch wireless earphones because, at this point, Bluetooth connection does not support true lossless audio. Instead, you will want a pair of audiophile headphones like the upcoming Questyle NHB12.

Questyle NHB12 TLS Earphone for Apple Lossless Audio

Billed as the world’s first true lossless earphone for Apple Lossless Audio, Questyle NHB12 supports Hi-Res lossless music reproduction up to 24-bit/192 kHz. The Questyle NHB12 is also the world’s first MFi-certified lossless earphone.

It features an integrated 192 kHz studio quality DAC and patented Current Mode Amplifier (CMA) SiP that offers over 10x more bandwidth and low distortion, allowing for “unparalleled sound quality” and more details in the audio to be discovered.

It comes with an inline sample rate indicator that displays one light for standard lossless quality and two lights for Hi-Res lossless quality when receiving music.

Questyle NHB12 TLS Earphone for Apple Lossless Audio

It also claims to have an ultra-low operating voltage of just 2V and a current of 3 mA. Questyle said this resulted in 50% lower power usage over a pair of TWS.

Technical details were not shared at this point but according to the official product page, the Questyle NHB12 further boasts silver-plated OFC cable, a high-resolution dynamic driver, precise control over air movement & damping, and comfortable and seamless wearability.

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It comes with a set of removable cables with a Lightning connector. However, a 3.5 mm connector cable is also included for use with sources with a 3.5 mm port. In addition, 5 pairs of multi-sized silicone eartips are provided for a custom fit, and a leather storage case is included for storing the earphone when not in use.

Questyle NHB12 TLS Earphone for Apple Lossless Audio

Questyle will be taking its new Questyle NHB12 TLS Earphone for Apple Lossless Audio to Kickstarter with a limited super early bird offer of US$229. If you are down, you may sign up to be notified of the launch on Kickstarter or on Questyleshop.com.

Images: Questyle Audio.

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