Retro Apple iPhone Cases

Retro Apple iPhone Cases
(photos: Schreer Delights) Retro Apple iPhone Cases | US$44.95 |

long time Apple users will remember fondly of the various iconic products that Apple has launched since its incorporation. obviously those products are not as cutting edge or as sleek in today’s context but classic products like the first Macintosh, the first iMac, the Apple G4 Graphite or even the first iPod, have a special place in our hearts. let’s just say that it is something quite beyond rational explanation. you probably don’t have any practical use for these older machines but you can certainly make your iPhone look the part of these iconic Apple products with the Retro Apple iPhone Cases from Schreer Delights. as you might have guessed, the Retro Apple iPhone Cases are available in the form of the first Macintosh (Retro Macintosh), the first iMac (Retro iMac), the G4 Graphite and of course, the iPod. you may not be able to use them like you use to but at least you will be reminded of the good old days you had with them. isn’t it sweet? you grab yours for $44.95 via Schreer Delights’ online store. click through for a few more look.

Schreer Delights via Boing Boing

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