Ricoh 12-megapixels GXR MOUNT A12 module

Ricoh GXR MOUNT A12 Module 544x368px
(image credit: Ricoh) Ricoh GXR MOUNT A12 Module | US$649.00 |

we are familiar with camera that we can swop lenses but one that allows us to change its sensor together with the lens is something entirely new. that’s exactly what Ricoh GXR allows you to do and perhaps, Ricoh isn’t content with interchanging its own make of lenses, it has announced the availability of the M-mount that’s packed with a 12-megapixels APS-C size sensor and blessed with the ability to mount your favorite Leica lenses. some of the features include image-wide section magnification and focus assist to improve manual focus accuracy. the Ricoh GXR MOUNT A12 Module will be available from September 9 and will set you back at $649. ouch. a few more look at this pricey little gadget after the break.
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Ricoh GXR MOUNT A12 Module 544x448px

Ricoh GXR MOUNT A12 Module 544x408px

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