Salmon Crossing Ahead

Humans will go anywhere. Salmon is no different – if they are given options to go beyond their watering hole. A prove of salmon need to explore is in the video below. A woman driving along Skokomish Valley Road in Shelton, Washington, U.S.A. spotted Chum salmon taking advantage of a flooded road to get to across the other side. I am not sure if the these salmon know exactly where they were heading. I mean, do they even know what’s on the other side?

Salmon Crossing Ahead

Anyways, salmon does what salmon does best, using they powerful tails to power themselves across the shallow water. Actually, come to think of it, it could be a salmon run we are witnessing here. As you can see in the video, the water are flowing from right to left which, to the salmon, it might be a down stream of a river. Since salmons usually swim to the upper reaches of rivers where they are gravel beds to lay eggs, these salmons might be doing the same.

Perhaps, this place should have this sign:

Salmon Crossing Ahead
Graphics by Mikeshouts. Salmon silhouette by Pixabay.

Whatever it is, the sight of these fishes shooting across a paved road was quite a sight to behold. Not everyday we get to see ‘fish crossing ahead’, do we? Thanks to the Internet, this image will forever be immortalized. Apparently, Chum salmon lives near this road and so, I am assuming that this happens quite often whenever they are excessive rain. Chum salmon, in case you don’t know, are one of the largest species of Pacific salmon.

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There is really nothing special, if not for the apparent fact that male Chum will develop canine-like fangs if they enter fresh water. Yikes. I guess it wouldn’t be fun swimming in the creek with these fishes, would it? Keep going for the aforementioned video.

Images: YouTube.

Source: Mother Nature Network.