Samsung Cube AX9500 Air Purifier

In an age where home appliance makers are striving to make machines smaller, Samsung has this: Samsung Cube AX9500 Air Purifier. While the notion of ‘cube’ is often small, the Samsung Cube AX9500 Air Purifier is not.

Samsung Cube AX9500 Air Purifier

But lets not let the size put its features down. Speaking of features, Samsung Cube AX9500 Air Purifier boasts a Wind-Free Purification technology that gently and quietly dispels purified air, thus reducing noise and negates direct wind.

Built into the machine is a laser PM sensor and gas sensor that picks up real-time air quality, including ultra fine dust particles smaller than 1.0 micron and display it on Numeric Easyview Display using 4-step color code and precise numeric data.

Samsung Cube AX9500 Air Purifier

A multi-step purification system comprises of pre-filter, activated carbon deodorization filter, and HEPA with ultrafine dust filter enables the AX9500 to removes toxic gases (TVOCs) like formaldehyde and up to 99.97% of about 0.3 micron ultrafine dust particles, dander, pollen and dust mites.

It is scalable to handle larger rooms too, well sort of… – thanks to the modular design which allows pairing or separate modules to purify wherever needed. Atop of each device is a docking component that enables another AX9500 to be plugged onto it. When docked, the system only requires one power source.

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Images: Samsung.