Sigma SD1 with wooden treatment but is still a SD1

Sigma SD1 Wood Edition 720x480px
(photos: Sigma) Sigma SD1 “Wood Edition” Digital Camera | €9,999.00 |

think about furniture such as TV cabinets crafted from Amboyna Burl wood, a wood hailed from Southeast Asia Padauk tree. now imagine a DSLR clad in that very same wood. gorgeous? i ain’t going to comment on that but apparently, that’s what Japanese camera maker, Sigma has done to its SD1 DSLR digital camera and they sure spent a hell lot of effort in creating this very limited edition camera with more than 60 hours devoted to milling, sawing, grinding and finally, polishing to this glossy finish that you see here. if looking at the wood alone, i did say it is beautiful but on a camera that we are accustomed to either black or silver, and with so much contours, it look kind of off. however, if leopard and tiger skins are your kind of thing, this camera will probably appeal to you.
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under the hood, it is still the same SD1 that you know off (or not know off) with a 46.0-megapixels Foveon X3 image sensor, True II image processing engine, and a generous 3-inch TFT color LCD display. though we are not sure if the splash proof design that will prevent dust and water from invading the internal still stands after given this rare wooden treatment. one thing for sure, it will not be scratch proof. with a price tag of €9,999 or US$13,728 at the current going rate, you certainly don’t want a scratch on it, much less dust or water. for the uninitiated, the rate for a non-soup up Sigma SD1 is around $6,899 in North America. so would you pay double for such an opulence object? perhaps the fact that only 10 of these will be made would help you decide better, or maybe, a couple more larger images after the break might be of some help too.

Photoscala [DE] via Wired

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