How do telecommunication companies show that their 5G network coverage is the best in town? Well, for one Singapore telecommunication company, Singtel, it has taken below ground to make its case.

But it did not just ask someone to use 5G service underground. That would be a tad too tame and won’t show how strong the coverage was. Instead, it used its 5G mobile network to livestream an indie band performance inside a Mass Rapid Transit (MRT) 56 feet (17 meters) below ground.

Livestreaming changes the game since it requires minimal lag and consistent connectivity to deliver high-bandwidth video content. The performance, which was performed by a local band called Sobs on February 23 (SGT), was livestream to the telco’s social media platforms.

Everything went on well and while it proved it has good coverage and fast connectivity with low latency even when underground, it did not pull off the performance while the train was moving.

The concert was played in a non-moving train cabin. I would imagine the livestream will not be as smooth if it were to be held on a fast-moving train below ground.

The concert by Sobs is part of the telco’s campaign to promote its 5G network on the island state which includes coverage at over 500 indoor locations and the underground train network.

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Images: Singtel.

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