what constitutes to a man’s manliness? guns and shaving gear, that’s what. so, why not combine the two and be a real man of man the next time you whip your face with shaving cream? sounds good to you? then the Six Shooter Revolver Shave Brushes are the mandatory shaving gear for your morning bathroom routine. the best part is, you don’t need to put up with the firearm amendment or whatsoever. each shave brushes is made in the good’ol US of A and features a body crafted in the likeness of the .44 caliber revolver cylinder, complete with authentic ammunition nickel casings (six ‘shots’ in all, hence the name, six shooter). the revolver cylinder is crafted from high-grade anodized aluminum while the removable 20mm brush is made of fine badger hair. available in a variety of finishes, the Six Shooter Shave Brushes can be yours to own for $149 a pop (display stand not included – just so you know). and no, there are no razors modeled after a revolver, a pistol or an assault rifle – if that’s what you are thinking. click through for a few more look and a product clip.

Six Shooter Shaving via Cool Material

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