Have you ever find yourself fumbling to secure the car’s seat belt during in low light situation? Well, that could be thing of the past if Skoda Auto eventually implements its Skoda Illuminated Smart Seat Belt Buckle in its automobiles. The Czech automaker has revealed that it has secured a worldwide patent for this new light up seat belt buckle system.

Traditionally, a seat belt buckle have red eject button on the female buckle end. However, with the Skoda Illuminated Smart Seat Belt Buckle, it has a clear transparent button, featuring Skoda-style crystalline pattern, with a pair of RGB LEDs.

Skoda Illuminated Smart Seat Belt Buckle

When nobody is in the seat, the LEDs glow white to let users easily find the buckle at night. A weight sensor in the seat base detects the presence of a person and the LED changes to red to remind passenger to put on the seat belt. Once the bucket is properly engaged, the smart seat belt buckle turns green before turning back to white.

This feature is particularly useful for parents for quickly checking if their children have secure the seat belt. The light up belt buckle system could also be useful for the hard to hear people to let them know that they have forgotten to fasten the seat belt. It is a simple innovation, but no less useful.

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Images: Skoda Auto [UK].

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