SUCK UK’s War on Plastic shopping bag tucks into a grenade

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every year, tons of plastic turned up in incinerator and landfills, and i don’t need to tell you why this is bad for our mother earth. so bringing your own shopping bag might be a good idea in lending a helping hand to reduce such accumulation of waste which could otherwise be a permanent environmental problem. you could bring your own recycled plastic bag or just any bag, but why should you reduce your stylish self to carrying a cheap plastic that could be unsightly or worst, tears while you are en route home? which is without say, the most uncool things that could happen to anyone.
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perhaps it is time to grab yourself a permanent shopping bag like this War On Plastic reusable shopping bag that, when not in use, can be tucked into its grenade shape storage bag. now, that’s really war on plastic, doesn’t it? though, it will not be advisable to bring this bag along with you when you are checking into a flight. i know its of fabric but from afar but it makes little difference to untrained eyes. the last thing you want is to end up naked in the search room in an airport. so it is best to keep this ultra-cool bag between your home and the malls, and when in malls, try not to do anything funny with that grenade shaped pouch that may result in you being pinned down.

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the War on Plastic retails for £12 (about US$18). pricey for a shopping bag but think about the eco-aspect of things and of course, the grenade shaped thingy? it is definitely going to be a conversational item – at least with your local securities.

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