Copy or Not, We Still Think the Lincoln Continental Concept is Pure Awesome

When the news of the Lincoln Continental Concept broke a few days ago, it created quite a buzz with at least one person saying it was a Bentley ‘copy’, but to us, rip off or not, it is pure awesomeness and that’s even before we dig further under the hood and learn what awaits within […]

10th Generation Honda Civic Concept Unveiled, Looks Sporty, Bold and Weird All at the Same Time

Honda Civic is among the longest running model in modern car history with the first model being introduced over 40 years ago. The more recent iteration with the cab-forward design itself is already a decade old and so it is not surprising that Japanese automaker thought it is high time to reimagine this iconic model […]

Subaru Unveils “STI Performance Concept”, a STI Souped Up BRZ Coupe, at New York Auto Show

North America’s fans of Subaru Technica International or more popularly known as STI will be elated to know that STI is finally making their presence in the US with the introduction of the Subaru STI Performance Concept at the 2015 New York International Auto Show. Little is known about this beautiful beast, except for the […]