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Google And Acer Brings Chrome OS To Tablet For Education Purposes

For some reasons, Google thought that the tablet needs an OS other than the Android OS. Seriously, I am baffled. Why Google need to time, energy and money to massage the Chrome OS, now running on Chrome laptop, to run tablets as well. And it is not even a joke. It is really happening. Chrome OS tablet is happening, starting with Acer Chromebook Tab 10the first tablet to run on Chrome OS. I can understand you need Android Wear for smartwatch, but Chrome OS for tablets opposed to the norm of Android OS? What? I just don’t get it, really. Continue reading Google And Acer Brings Chrome OS To Tablet For Education Purposes

Acer Enters Thin Form Gaming Laptop Market With Predator Triton 700

For the longest time, Razer Blade gaming laptops stood unchallenged for their game prowess in an astounding thin form factor. But not anymore. Acer, the name that’s also no stranger in the gaming arena, has took up the challenge to make a thin form factor gaming laptop called Predator Triton 700. While the 18 mm profile this black slab of beauty touts is not the thinnest in the industry, it is still far thinner than anything outside of Razer’s domain and perhaps more importantly, it has the grunt that should give gamers an alternative outside of Razer’s offerings. Continue reading Acer Enters Thin Form Gaming Laptop Market With Predator Triton 700

World’s First Curved Screen Laptop Is Monstrous In Size And So Is Its Price

Remember the monstrosity from Acer announced last September? You know, that enormous 21-inch monster laptop that has a curved display? Yeah, that one. Well, it has a price now, but before we let you on that, we sure hope you have been saving every penny you have earned so far and also, make sure you are firmly seated. Ready? Ok, here goes. The Acer Predator 21 X, as it is called, will be available in North America this February, starting at, wait for it… a cool $8,999. Are you right there? Still seated, I hope cos’ I am pretty sure Acer just your mind away with this unreal price tag – all for a freaking laptop. Hell, it is not even a desktop and at 9 grand, you could gotten yourself a used car, or maybe a big-ass 4K TV, along with a decent soundbar to boot. Continue reading World’s First Curved Screen Laptop Is Monstrous In Size And So Is Its Price

The World’s First Curved Screen Laptop Is Upon Us And It Is Monstrous!

Meanwhile, the craziest news in the tech world today is this absurdly monstrous gaming laptop from Taiwanese computer maker Acer. Dubbed Predator 21 X, this monstrosity of the portable computer world comes in at an insane 21-inch and also, it has a curved display. Yep. Curved display. Btw, you know we are still talking about a laptop not a desktop monitor, right? At 21-inch and curved, this 2,560 x 1,080 screen supposed to offer a different level of immersion – a theory which some connoisseurs swear by and one which I never able to comprehend. Continue reading The World’s First Curved Screen Laptop Is Upon Us And It Is Monstrous!

Acer Joined Forces With Starbreeze To Create VR Headset For Theme Parks

While VR headset makers are busy peddling the hardware for gaming, Acer has joined forces with Starbreeze to developed a “high-end” version designed for use in arcades and theme parks. We have already seen Samsung doing that to create a more immersive (if not nauseating) roller coaster experience, but unlike the South Korea electronics giant who banks on mobile device to power the VR, Acer and Starbreeze hardware will leverage on Starbreeze’s StarVR headset that is purposed built for crazy level of immersion. How so? Unlike the usual 110-degree field of view many VR headsets are offering, StarVR touts an incredible 210-degree FoV which is said to be closer to a person real life field of view, right down to peripheral vision. Continue reading Acer Joined Forces With Starbreeze To Create VR Headset For Theme Parks

Acer’s Glittery Selfie Sombrero Is The Ultimate Selfie Fashion Statement

who would have thought selfie could have gotten this big? we know we didn’t. it kickstarted an unstoppable wave of self-admiring, egoist images that floods the social media, which prompted gadget makers and third party accessories manufacturers to divert part of their attention to selfie-friendly products. but all those are nothing as compared to Acer’s glittery selfie sombrero. yes. we are talking about the broad-brimmed hat typically worn in Mexico and southwestern U.S., and yes, we said ‘glittery’ too. it has to have glitter and in pink, so as not to be confused with the typical sombreros, and it has an integrated Acer Iconia A-1 840 tablet too – dangling at the edge of the hat, lock and ready to capture a selfie whenever you wish. Continue reading Acer’s Glittery Selfie Sombrero Is The Ultimate Selfie Fashion Statement

What We Have Missed: Day 226, Week 33 Year 2014

Chocolate LEGO by Akihiro Mizuuchi Chocolate LEGO Lets You Have The Bricks And Eat It
who says you can’t have it all? in the case of Japanese artist Akihiro Mizuuchi’s chocolate LEGO, you certainly can have the fun and satisfy your sweet tooth too. the blocks fit together like real LEGO bricks, though it might be a little fragile to handle. obviously, not an official thing, but still awesome. LEARN MORE. [via]

Nintendo 3DS Super Smash Bros Edition Europe To Get Super Smash Bros Edition 3DS
the view for the Super Smash Bros Edition 3DS is divided. some say it is hideous, some adores it. i, for one, think it is pretty cool. the characters in grey scale against a red background is pretty classy. landing in EU market in October 3 to coincide with the new Smash Bros. release. LEARN MORE.

BlueJewelz Notification Jewelry BlueJewelz Puts Notification Technology Into Real Jewelry
designed with busy ladies in mind, the BlueJewelz features a notification disc that can be use with a variety of BlueJewelz jewelry, which will notify the wearer with a distinct vibration as the notifications arrive. paired via Bluetooth, it will even alert users if they stray too far from their phone. from $119. BUY.

Neptune Pine Smartwatch Big Ass Neptune Pine Smartwatch Now Available For Pre-order
remember that super cool, super big, standalone smartwatch called Neptune Pine. well, they done with crowdfunding and already shipping out the device to the first batch of Kickstarter backers. for those who have missed it, fret not, you can now pre-order yours from Neptune’s website. from $349. BUY.

Swann Security Xtreem QuadForce Video Drone Swann Outs Quadcopter Xtreem QuadForce With HD Videoing Capability
first of the new Xtreem collection, the QuadForce features 4-axis control via 2.4GHz controller, allowing it to fly up to 330 feet and most importantly, it has a color video camera built-in to capture up to 720p HD video and stores on micro SD card. simplest way to get your drone videoing career off the ground. $89.99. BUY.

Acer Chromebook 13 Acer New Chromebook 13 Boasts an Impressive 13 Hours of Battery Life
Chromebook is well known for its lightweight OS with speedy boot up, though never quite for battery life. the Acer Chromebook 13 is about to change that. this NVIDIA Tegra K1 powered laptop has 13 hours to it, enough for you work through from New York to Beijing – if you have any Internet connectivity at all. BUY.

What We Have Missed: Day 219, Week 32 In The Year Of 2014

Custom LEGO Town of Springfield The Simpsons’ Town of Springfield Recreated In LEGO With Incredible Details
forget about the official LEGO The Simpsons set, Matt De Lanoy’s recreation of the fictional Town of Springfield from The Simpsons will blow your mind. it includes iconic structures like the Kwik-E-Mart, Moe’s Tavern, and even the Springfield Nuclear Power Plant – complete with see through walls. LEARN MORE. [via]

Timex Ironman One GPS+ Smartwatch Timex Ironman One GPS+ Is A Smartwatch That doesn’t Need A Smartphone
Timex refers to the Ironman One GPS+ as a smartwatch, well, it is kind of a smartwatch, but it does not need a smartphone to get working. it has a 1.5″ sunlight viewable display, 3-day battery life, 4GB storage, built-in sensors to track your activity, and built-in GPS and 3G connectivity. $399.95. BUY.

Brass Compass and Clip Brass Compass and Clip Lets You Keep The Direction Very Close To You
sometime the simplest tool is the not only the most effective, but also the coolest. case in point: the Brass Compass and Clip. machined from solid brass, it has a handy brass clip for attaching it to anywhere you fancy. checking on direction does not necessary need to be too high-tech, isn’t it? made in U.S.A. $36. BUY.

Rolex Deepsea Sea-dweller D-Blue Dial Watch Rolex Deepsea Sea-dweller D-Blue Dial Watch Is Waterproof to 12,800 Feet
released to commemorate James Cameron’s first solo dive to the Mariana Trench and the US release of a film on the expedition, the D-Blue dial has a unique blue-to-black gradient dial and boast a helium escape valve for decompression and bright blue Chromalight luminescence for legibility in the darkest dark. LEARN MORE.

Acer B286HK UHD LED Monitor Acer Introduces 28-inch Ultra HD LED Display
Acer’s new B286HK has a lot to shout about. it offers 4K2K UHD resolution in a 28-inch format, boasting 6-axis color adjustment. it sits on an ergonomic stand that allows it to be tilted, swiveled, and pivoted. connectivity includes DVI, HDMI with MHL charging, DisplayPort, Mini DP and USB 3.0 hub. $599.99. LEARN MORE.

Philips 28-inch 4K LED Monitor …And Philips Also Have Its Own $600 28-inch 4K Monitor Too
another good news if you are in the market for a UHD monitor. Philips also has a 4K monitor priced (also) at $599.99 to vie for your money. and it also allows both landscape and portrait viewing modes, plus height adjustment. connectivity includes VGA, MHL, DVI, HDMI, and of course, DisplayPort. BUY.

Acer Iconia A1-830 Android Tablet

we are huge suckers for beautiful tablets and by beautiful, we meant not having clumsy looking bezels. if you are on the same page as us, then we suspect this upcoming offering from Taiwanese computer maker Acer, dubbed the Acer Iconia A1-830 Android Tablet, might be right up your alley. with a 4:3 aspect ratio and reasonably narrow bezel (complete with the chrome chamfered edges), the Iconia A1-830 does have an iPad mini-ish, which is exactly how we like our tablets to be. and with an aluminum metal back, it kind of rival the look of the iPad mini – though we can’t really vouch for the built, but that’s beside the point. the point is, it does look pretty awesome. Continue reading Acer Iconia A1-830 Android Tablet

Acer C720P Chromebook with Multi-touch Display

part of our lives is about touch. we are obsessed with it, perhaps because it proves to be a much more convenient way of getting things done and so why should the “laptop for everyone” be left without this “must-have” feature? of course, not and that’s why there is the Acer C720P Chromebook with Multi-touch Display, a touchscreen version of the C720 introduced a few months back. the C720P joins the Chromebook Pixel, which was introduced earlier this year, as the second touch-enabled Chromebook and one that truly upholds Google’s mantra of Touchscreen Chromebooks for everyone with an extremely affordable price tag of a little under $300. according to Google, over the past year, they have made optimizations to Chrome OS to make touch actions simple and intuitive, and the result will be experienced first-hand by C720P Chromebook owners. Continue reading Acer C720P Chromebook with Multi-touch Display