BodyWorn Is Probably The Coolest Police Body Camera We Have Seen

Body worn camera has been implemented in police forces for a while now, but this, the BodyWorn Police Body Camera from Utility, Inc., is probably the coolest, purpose-designed wearable camera we have seen thus far. And we don’t say it without any basis. First off, the camera is worn somewhere in the region of the […]

This Dog Vest Lets Your Dog Take Photos And Share Them On Facebook

Unless you are a dog whisperer, chances are you do not know what makes your canine friend happy. And no, wagging tail does not mean it is happy. As it turns out, there’s a difference between regular wagging and happy wagging. Not surprisingly, cos’ the science of dogs can be quite perplexing mostly. Anyways, the […]

Nikon’s First Video Camera Is A 4K-capable 360-Degree Action Cam

Founded nearly a century ago, long-time Japanese camera maker Nikon has been faithful to its origin and that’s to make optics and imaging products. The company never stray from cameras – not even dedicated video cameras and it remain so when imaging went digital. Well, that’s until January this year when it announces it is […]

Sony Unveils A Host Of New Products At CES, Including 4K HDR TVs

This year’s CES, like many before it, is pretty much Sony’s playground. The Japanese electronics giant has taken to the world’s biggest electronic show to unveil a host of electronics that we can only take it as a hint to tell you to work harder and save up quick before these fabulous gadgets hit the […]

Fusar Mohawk Will Turn Any Helmet Into A Smart Helmet

Everything has gone ’smart’ and so has bicycle and motorcycle helmets, but are you comfortable in dropping say, a grand for a ‘smart’ motorcycle helmet? Likely not. This is where Fusar Mohawk Universal Smart Helmet System comes in. It lets you turn any helmet into a smart helmet, which means, not only you get to […]

AEE’s New S60 Plus Wants to be Your Action Cam of Choice for $250

On contrary to popular belief, the world of action cams is not limited to GoPro. While GoPro is viewed as the go-to brand for first-person action sports videoing, not everyone is comfortable or willing to part with the asking price. This is where AEE Technology thinks it can fill the void with its newly announced […]

GoFish Cam Captures Your Fishing Action at the Line’s Point-of-View

Wearing a GoPro on top of your head when fishing does not make it a fishing POV cos’ the action is limited to deck and everything else above the waves. However, a fish line cam such as this one from GoFish will provide with a whole new perspective of fishing point-of-view, allowing you to review […]

GoPro HERO4 Session: The Smallest GoPro Yet Takes on a Cube Form

GoPro is phenomena. It basically sets the benchmark for action cameras. Though compact, its matchbox-size form factor is not everyone’s cuppa and is clearly aerodynamically non-beneficial and that’s not to mention it won’t fit everywhere, but that’s set to change with the cube-style GoPro HERO4 Session. As you can see, the HERO4 Session is unlike […]

TomTom Action Camera Has Built-in Media Server, Lets You Edit and Share Video Right There and Then

It’s 2015. Flying cars are still not a reality and so are self-drying, one-size-fits-all jackets, and we are still downloading our video footages to our mobile devices to be edited and shared. Sounds kind of ‘backward’ if you really think about it because we have been doing the same for over a decade, albeit faster […]

Kodak Pixpro SP360 Action Cam Offers Multiple Modes of Recording, Including 360-degree ‘Globe’ Videoing

Humans are a weird bunch of creatures. Even though our vision already covers nearly 180-degree field of view, we wanted more. Obviously there is nothing much we can do about our natural eyes, but thanks to technological advancements, we are able to enjoy 360 degrees vision, albeit through a monitor or in the form of […]