DJI Action 2 Action Camera

The design of action cams appears to follow an unspoken standard set by the grandaddy of action camera, GoPro. Even the veteran electronics maker, Sony, does not stray far from it. However, in recent years, a handful of makers have started to think differently and the latest to bring about the change is DJI Action 2.

DJI Action 2 Action Camera

DJI Action 2 is a huge step up from the first Action (Osmo Action). With DJI Action 2, action cameras go modular and instead of traditional thread, it uses a powerful magnet to attach itself to a variety of mounts and modules. It can be worn on your shirt too as the Insta360 GO.

The modularity affords it flexibility, letting you add and subtract modules/mounts according to what you need the cam to do. Need to do a vlog? Just snap on the optional front touchscreen module. Need a longer battery life? Well, there’s the optional power module that will bump up the run time from 70 minutes to 180 minutes.

Oh, the front touchscreen module itself also increases the run time to 160 minutes. If you ask me, I might as well pick up the front touchscreen that has both battery life and screen – that’s if the price is not an object.

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DJI Action 2 Action Camera

The new Action 2 is equipped with a 1/1.7-inch sensor, capable of recording up to 4K/120, and paired to a super-wide 155-degree FoV lens. The sensor also benefits from a newly implemented Color Temperature Sensor that helps in restoring color tones in complex lighting conditions and for a more natural underwater footage.

Other notables include 4-mic matrix stereo, waterproof to 10 meters or up to 60 with the waterproof case, upgraded voice control, and a completely upgraded electronic image stabilization system, Rocksteady 2.0, that brings about gimbal-like smoothness and the ability to lock on to a level horizon.

The DJI Action 2 Action Camera is available in Dual-Screen Combo and Power Combo for US$519 and US$399, respectively.

Images: DJI.