Fans of Evangelion with deep pockets and have an avant-garde taste for fashion may want to check out the new Undercover x Evangelion Collection. The collection is part of the Japanese streetwear label’s Autumn-Winter 2021 lineup.

Undercover x Evangelion Apparel Collection

The Undercover x Evangelion Collection covers a wide selection of apparel, including t-shirts, sweaters, jackets, hoodies, shoes, gloves, scarfs, headgear, and even pajamas. Each piece is, of course, Evangelion-themed.

While every piece is Evangelion-themed, none of them stood out more than the puffer jackets and the hooded jacket collection.

Undercover x Evangelion Apparel Collection
What do you think of these puffer jackets?

The puffy nature of the puffer jackets combined with the colors of each EVA unit makes the jackets a surefire head-turner. But that’s only for those who are familiar with the anime.

The hooded jacket collection, however, requires no knowledge of the anime to turn heads – thanks to the light-up feature.

Undercover x Evangelion Apparel Collection
The Light-up feature inspired by the Unit-00.

It comes supplied with a remote control that you can light up the eyes on the hood, select the light-up color, as well as various effects. The hood, btw, is fashion after the head of the respective EVA units, which is kind of weird and wonderful at the same time.

These apparels do not come cheap. It shouldn’t come as a surprise as it is UNDERCOVER that we are talking about here.

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Undercover x Evangelion Apparel Collection

Prices start at 18,876 yen for the tees (that’s freaking US$160+ for a t-shirt, btw) and can run up to as much as 707,850 yen (or about US$6,240) for the light-up feature hooded jacket.


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