EVOLO SKYSCRAPERS Collector’s Edition Book

EVOLO SKYSCRAPERS Collector's Edition Book
EVOLO SKYSCRAPERS Collector’s Edition Book | US$150.00 | www.evolo.us

it is true we are not architects but that has never been a hurdle for us to enjoy beautiful architecture works. unfortunately, the Earth though big, could not possibly accommodate all inspiring designs that students and young architects have dreamed up of. and then there’s the resource issues with no corporate and/or organization coming forward to take these paper beauty and turn them into reality. while won’t be seeing most of the 300 skyscrapers concept submitted to the eVolo Skyscraper Competition, you can appreciate the works of these hardworking and creative students and young architects by flipping through the EVOLO SKYSCRAPERS Collector’s Edition Book (ISBN 978-1-938740-00-8) that covers the best 300 skyscraper plans dreamed up by entrants of the eVolo Skyscraper Competition since 2006, spread across two hardcover volumes with a total of 1,232 pages and covering wide varied topics including Technological Advances, Ecological Urbanism, New Frontiers, Social Solutions, Morphotectonic Aesthetics and Urban Theories and Strategies. the two volumes come with a special presentation box and is only limited to 150 copies worldwide. so if you are itching for one, then you better act fast. we don’t need to tell you that 150 is not a very big number by global standard, do we? you can get yours for $150 per set.

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