6 Swarovski studded/adorned items that will dazzle you

over the years, Swarovski Crystals have become the stones of choice to bling up every conceivable gadgets. here are seven six Swarovski decorated items that we think will dazzle you as much as it has with us. “yes… Swarovski, i am yours to command…”.
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Swarovski studded Ukulele presented by CrystalSkins

Swarovski Crystals Ukulele 500px

it as simple as that. take Ukulele, lovingly hand paint it, and stick it with more than 4,000 Gold Shadow Swarovski Elements and Crystal Cosmojet Swarovski Elements to the face of the body. i bet i’d hear you say, “lovely, why can i grab one?” actually, you can’t at the moment but it was made for Jeanne Marine, a lucky lady of Bob Geldof.

Swavorski Crystals studded Garlands

Swarovski Crystals Garlands 544px

what more can i say? Garlands plus about 15,000 ‘high-end crystals that were painstaking hand embellished on them, equal to one hell of a luxurious party. designed by DEMAKERSVAN and Joris Laarman Studio for the Swarovski Crystallized Elements collection. don’t ask me how much, cos i don’t even want to think about it.

Swarovski studded Audi presented by Shampar

Swarovski Crystals Audi 544px

what happens when you put an Audi in the hands of Shampar and told them its for the Moscow Tuning Show? an Audi that is covered with 450,000 Swarovski Crystals, visible at any angle you can imagine. yes, that’s how many 450,000 is. it took Shampar 1440 man-hours to bling this Audi up at a heart-stopping cost of six million rubles (about US$214,415).

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Swarovski-studded potty designed by Amanda Jenner

Swarovski Crystals Potty 544px

seriously, a potty is not even remotely close to be called luxury but not in the case of this Swarovski-studded potty as designed by Amanda Jenner, dubbed ‘My Carry Potty’. no word on how many crystals were used to pamper your little princess’s bottom, though. it can be yours for 700 UK Pounds. not ostentatiously expensive by price but damn, it is a potty! for goodness sake!

Swarovski adorned bathroom fixtures by Vitruvit

Swarovski Crystals Bathroom 544px

apparently, these were targeted ‘the young’ as you can witness from the cute aquatic inspired designs created from none other than Swarovski crystals. it includes the basin (some call it ‘Sink’), the toilet bowl and the bidet. needless to say, these are painstaking adorned by hands and Vitruvit touted it to be able to last ten years… if you follow its care instruction carefully. perfect sequel to My Carry Potty, don’t you think?

Swarovski-studded Airfree Air Purifier (but only in Dubai)

Swarovski Crystals Air Purifier 544px

European’s Airfree teamed up with Galeries Lafayetter in Dubai Mall to showcase this limited edition S-Exclsuvi range that has more than 20,000 Swarovski stuck to it, by hands of course. done by three UAE based professional in a span of 10 days and lovingly named ‘Al Muntaha’ which means, what do you know? ‘Ultimate’. the air has never smell this luxurious.

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