putting out fire by shooting it with a gun-like extinguisher

DryShot Fire Extinguisher Gun 544x288px
(credit: FocalPrice) DryShot Hand Gun Fire Extinguisher | US$43.65 | www.focalprice.com

nobody wants to be in the situation that requires extinguishing of fire but in a situation that you really need to, why not do it with style? the DryShot Hand Gun Fire Extinguisher definitely fits the extinguish-the-fire-with-style bill. shaped like a hand gun and when triggered, it will spit out dry powder extinguishing agent to put out the flame. the use of dry powder also means it is safe to use on electrical-related fire. the DryShot kind of make your regular red (or sometime blue) fire extinguisher can look so uncool. however, there is no mention of how big a fire it can handle. let’s assume it is for nothing bigger than a BBQ fire but then again, you need not worry cos’ it comes with three cartridges if you requires more, erhmmm, powder power? you get yours for $43.65. according to the web store, “it can be a self-defense gun” too. it can spit out powder and it is shaped like a gun, so it is easy to see why is that so.
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