Acton Launches New Electric Scooter With Swappable Battery System

You may remember Acton for its Blink line of electric skateboards, but do you know it also has a fleet service arm? Yes. It does and it has just launched a new electric scooter with patented, swappable battery system known as TOPSWAP. Fancy name aside, it should be a welcome feature to fleet operators.

Acton Blink Qu4tro Is A 4-wheel Drive Electric Skateboard That Goes 22 Miles

By now, electric skateboard is a commonplace and most electric skateboards function as they should, but if you look closer, they are also mostly single-wheel drive which anyone with basic electric know-how can cobble up one. However, the Blink Qu4tro Electric Skateboard you see here is not ‘most of them’ because, as the product name […]

RocketSkates Let You Cruise At Up To 12MPH Without Any Remote

despite its namesake, the Acton R RocketSkates are not actually rocket-powered roller skates. that would be a nightmare for sidewalk users and the wearer too. just imagine your feet going faster than your body can keep up. horrendous, to say the least. fortunately, the RocketSkates are powered by more mundane brushless motors. it has four […]