You may remember Acton for its Blink line of electric skateboards, but do you know it also has a fleet service arm? Yes. It does and it has just launched a new electric scooter with patented, swappable battery system known as TOPSWAP. Fancy name aside, it should be a welcome feature to fleet operators.

Acton M PRO Scooter with Swappable Battery

With the optional TOPSWAP on Acton M PRO scooter lineup, fleet operators will be able to perform quick reload by swapping an empty lithium-ion battery with a fully-charged unit in seconds. This means, fleet operators will never have haul the entire fleet back at the end of the day.

This translates to shorter to no downtime which means more time on the road, which also means more revenue for the operators. Not bring the whole fleet back at the end of every night also result in less warehouse space required, less manpower and that’s not to mention operators will be needing less juicers (basically, chargers) and vans for transporting the scooters.

In addition, the M PRO prides itself as the first e-scooter that was designed specifically with fleet use in mind. As such it is engineered for durability and built with premium material, which ultimately translates to lower cost of maintenance and service.

The M PRO boasts over 30 miles range per charge, an IP66 rated construction, 12,000-mile lifespan, and an extended chassis and front fork suspension for a comfortable and assured ride.

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You can learn more about Action Fleet Services, its new M PRO fleet e-scooter and its TOPSWAP swappable battery system HERE. Before you go, may we interested you the M PRO action video after the post?

All images courtesy of Acton.

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