If whitewater rafting is your thing, you definitely will want to check out the 2019 Kokopelli Recon Packraft. Billed as a river warrior, 2019 Kokopelli Recon Packraft is nimble, stable, incredibly responsive and at the same time tough like a rock. OK. Maybe quite as tough as a rock, but you get the idea. Recon is latest in the Kokopelli Packraft family.

2019 Kokopelli Recon Packraft

Engineered using the toughest and most bomber material, and together with the basic construction as the whitewater-specific, self-bailing Nirvana packraft, Recon is the perfect road-to-river whitewater rafting gear that’s ready to rough it out in Class II-IV whitewater.

2019 Kokopelli Recon Packraft

2019 Kokopelli Recon Packraft boasts a long list of features, including Leafield D7 valve, 3-point thigh strap attachment points, 6-point D-ring system, built-in seat with adjustable backband, self-bailing inflatable floor, and finally, it is made from heavy-duty 9 mm PVC body – the same material as used on commercial rafts, but a thinner – making this one packraft that needs no babying.

2019 Kokopelli Recon Packraft

It measures 90 inches (228.6 cm) long, 27 inches (92 cm) wide, weighs just 18 pounds and one ounce (8.2 kilograms), and packs into a tight package that measures a small 16 x 12 inches (30 x 15 cm). 2019 Kokopelli Recon Packraft will retail for $900 when it becomes available on March 29.

But you can save your some money by taking advantage of the pre-sale event from now till end of the month. During this period, all Kokopelli boats are going at 10 percent less for single boat purchase, or 15 percent discount if you pick up 2 boats or more.

All images courtesy of Kokopelli.

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