Kodak’s New Gadget Is Actually A Super 8 Camera That Shoots On Film

Everyone era has the gadgets of its time and if you ask your father or grandfather, he will probably tell you Super 8 camera, first manufactured in 1965 by Kodak, was the gadget of their time. And as fate would have it, you probably would too. But you probably won’t go gaga over one made […]

VIDDY Is A Working, Flatpack Pinhole Camera That You Can Put Together In 30 Minutes

we have, at one point in time, been exposed to the fundamental of imaging through DIY pinhole camera, but those examples your school teacher once taught you, were merely child’s play. with the VIDDY DIY Cardboard Pinhole Camera Kit, you will have another chance to do it right and this time, you will get to […]

Retro Wood Paneled Cameras by Anchors & Anvils

we are all familiar with classic analog cameras. you know those that gobbles up 35mm films? however, one thing that you may noticed about these retro shooters is, they look pretty much like their modern counterparts clad in black and all that. not quite as retro or pretty, does it? this is where Retro Wood Paneled Cameras by…

Hasselblad 500 ‘EL DATA CAMERA’ NASA

own a piece of the history of space exploration and photography by getting your hands on the Hasselblad 500 ‘EL DATA CAMERA’ NASA. from the official title, the camera doesn’t seem like much, except perhaps for the acronym ‘NASA’ which may spark some curiosity.

Lomography Konstruktor 35mm DIY SLR Camera

no self-respecting photographers can call themselves a true photographer without knowing the principle behind photography. for that, you can scour through tons of scholarly books to learn it all, or you could have a little more fun in your learning process with the Lomography Konstrucktor 35mm DIY SLR Camera.

ONDU Pinhole Cameras

pinhole photography is perhaps the epitome of lo-fi photography, but most pinhole cameras that money can buy are either downright unsightly, or not as solidly built as one might have liked. however, that’s not the case with the ONDU Pinhole Cameras. each of this super analog camera is handcrafted from locally-sourced (in this case, it’s in Slovenia) chestnut and maple

Diana Baby and Fisheye Baby Gold Editions

we are not a huge fan of overly gold objects but when the gold is applied to something as cute as the Lomography Diana Baby 110 and the Fisheye Baby 110 Gold Editions, then that pretty much tickles our fancy. and honestly, we couldn’t think of a better way to make your Christmas gifts more stand out from the rest…

Lomography BELAIR X 6-12 Camera

we bet you didn’t think there’s anymore innovation in analog camera, do you? to be honest, we thought the same too but the king of modern day analog cameras, Lomography has proved us wrong with the BELAIR X 6-12, a new medium-format camera that captures 6×12 (hence, the namesake) sweet panoramic photos, 6×6 square, as well as 6×9 format photos…

Diana Baby 110 and Lens Package

not everyone embrace the digital age and similarly, qualities like high definition and instant gratification don’t appeal to everyone. the fans of analog photography, lo-fi artsy genre in particular, are just such group to fall into the ‘no everyone’ category. and now there’s even a better reason to love this particular imaging genre: the Diana Baby 110 and Lens Package…

Diana Instant Back+

long before digital cameras, the only instant gratification you will get from analog photography is through Polaroid cameras. however, Polaroid can’t offer you the artistically soft-focus and lo-fi images that cameras such as the Diana F+ offers. fortunately, with the Diana Instant Back+, you can now have the best of both worlds: the surrealistic imageries of the…