Bruder EXP-6 Is Probably The Craziest Camper Trailer We Have Seen

I am excited about a lot of things and usually when I do get excited, I will proceed to write a shit load of good stuff about it, but today, I found myself left speechless by the Bruder EXP-6 Expedition Camper Trailer. I am thrilled by a camper trailer. Imagine that. I am not going […]

Airstream’s Newest Camper Trailer Is Tiny, Needs No Truck To Tow Along

If the ever iconic, silver hull Airstream camper is a little too big for your need, or simply because your handsome SUV lacks of the torque to lug it along, well, then Airstream’s new Basecamp may be what you need. It is adventure on wheels without the heft and it is totally modern looking, so […]

Atomic Camper – Pure Awesomeness with None of the Danger

the camper here is aptly refer to as Atomic Camper and it is a result of two things: making the best of bad situation and pure creativity. Atomic Camper is the work of a Alaskan man by the name of Bill Guernsey who has too much time on his hands which he had while on […]

Extreme Off-Road Mobile Home: Mercedes-Benz Zetros With Mobile Home Body

you probably have drooled over the custom Zetros of the two Mongolian businessmen and dream of something of sort. well, it looks like the pointed star marque takes heed and has officially, pulled the bed off the Mercedes-Benz Zetros truck and slapped a mobile home onto it that will provide you with another type of […]

Dub-Box Camper – VW Bus-inspired Tow-behind Camper

we have seen a fair amount of camper trailers here, ranging from the ridiculously high-tech (and expensive) to the super rugged to some retro-licious examples. well, here is another one to add the list and this one goes straight into our must-have if you really need a camper trailer list. dubbed Dub-Box Camper, this made […]

GCT CR-1 Carbon Fiber Camper Trailer

when it comes to road-going vehicles, carbon fiber is a symbol of luxury as opposed to actually having gold or precious stones stuck on them. not that you can’t have it all gold, but carbon fiber is lightweight and strong which spells practicality for automobiles – especially so when you are towing it like the GCT CR-1 Carbon…

Moby1 C2 Compact Trailer

road trip sounds awesome, however, that won’t be fun if you are left without accommodation in the middle of nowhere. you can sleep in the car, but you can’t really sleep on a bike and even if you can balance perfectly on your bike and not move a bit in your sleep, you still risk waking up to hyenas tucking your feet. this is where the Moby1 C2 Compact Trailer

Bowlus Road Chief Trailer

if you thought AirStream was the coolest camper, then you have yet to see the Bowlus Road Chief Trailer. this extremely spacious camper is inspired by the timeless American styling and handmade by expert artisan from polished aircraft-grade aluminum panels dotted with raised rivets (over 5,000 of them, btw), giving this trailer

Tonke Campers

the Airstream trailer has an irresistible old school charm, but what if you don’t want to having anything in tow and a motor coach is way too, well, typical to your liking? then the Tonke Campers might just by right up your alley. in a wonderful matrimony of the old and the new, the Tonke Campers features a cart-style camper, fused to

Airstream Land Yacht Trailer

long for a luxurious seafaring yacht, but can’t shake off your fear for the unforgiving open water? then the Airstream Land Yacht Trailer might just be right up your alley. measuring a good 28 feet long and sporting Airstream’s trademark clean aluminum exterior, this majestic trailer incorporates design elements found in luxury yacht, such as high-luster teak