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Cat’s New Smartphone Packs FLIR Thermal Imaging Right Out-Of-The-Box

If you are a field worker, a construction worker, or basically someone who always put your phone at risks, Cat Phones will have you covered and with the new Cat S61, it will even have tradesmen covered too – thanks to the enhanced FLIR thermal imaging, built-in laser assisted measuring and indoor air quality sensor. I know it is hard to believe, but the new S61 does indeed carry those features as standard and that kind of make it a tool. A Mil-spec 810G, IP68 rated construction with aluminum reinforced die-cast frame provides it with the survivability, including dropping from 1.8 meters and immersing in water of up to 3 meters deep for up to an hour each time. Continue reading Cat’s New Smartphone Packs FLIR Thermal Imaging Right Out-Of-The-Box

Cat’s New Smartphone Packs 5,000 mAh Battery, Can Serve As A Power Bank Too

Packing a beautiful smartphone with layers after layers of protection seems counter-intuitive in aesthetic point of view and it most definitely defeats the designers’ intention. I don’t know about you, but me think it feels like listening to high-resolution audio files with a muffed earphones or a mono-driver speaker system. Completely pointless. And the same goes to battery life. It is equally pointless to have a device that does it all and not have the battery life to support for all-day use. That is why there’s Cat Phones and that is why now there’s the Cat S41 Smartphone. Continue reading Cat’s New Smartphone Packs 5,000 mAh Battery, Can Serve As A Power Bank Too

Cat’s Flagship S60 Smartphone Has Integrated Thermal Camera

Ruggedized smartphones hardly look good and good looking smartphones can hardly stand up to abuse, but the Cat S60 smartphone you see here smashes that convention. In the tradition of Caterpillar phones, it is ruggedized and boy, does it look pretty at the same time. I would say it is ruggedization done right. However, that’s just part of the story. The most unique thing about this device is, it is the world’s first smartphone with an integrated thermal camera. Yup. That’s right. It has a FLIR thermal camera embedded in it, allowing you to use this telecommunication device to detect heat signature and even lets you see in pitch black darkness – all while empowering you with the features and functionality of a modern day smartphone. Continue reading Cat’s Flagship S60 Smartphone Has Integrated Thermal Camera

What We Have Missed: Day 160, Week 24 Year 2015

LG Ultra HD monitor 27MU67LG Brings Its Latest Ultra HD Monitor To The U.S., Priced at $599
LG is bringing its latest Ultra HD monitor, 27MU67, to the U.S. This 27-inch class monitor features AMD’s FreeSync technology, Black Stabilizer for brightening up dark scenes, Dynamic Action Sync that cuts input lag to 9.7 ms, and Flicker Safer function that makes this IPS display easier on the eyes. $599. BUY.

Casio Slim Series ProjectorsCasio Introduces Lamp-free Super Slim Projectors for Gaming
Casio Slim Series Lamp-free Projectors measure an astounding 1.7 inches thick and packs proprietary Laser & LED Hybrid light source for maximum brightness, 20,000 hours of lifespan with minimal degradation, and three A/V inputs, including HDMI, RGB and RS-232C terminals. From $949.99. BUY.

Bethesda Softworks Fallout 4Bethesda Softworks Announces Fallout 4 Game
Official words are, Fallout 4’s world premier is expected to happen during E3 at the Dolby Theater in Hollywood on June 14, 7PM PST. You can catch the live stream via Twitch and YouTube. Unfortunately, no word of when exactly it will hit the stores, but it is arriving alright. $TBA. LEARN MORE.

OWC USB-C DockOWC New USB-C Dock Adds 11 Ports To Your New MacBook
Compensate the lack of ports on the new MacBook with the OWC New USB-C Dock that offers 4 USB 3 Type-A ports, 1 USB 3 Type-C port, an SD card reader, HDMI with 4K display support, audio in and out ports, a Gigabit Ethernet port and can even power your MacBook – all with a USB Type-C cable. $129. BUY.

Integral Fusion USB Type-C Flash DriveIntegral Memory Introduces The First USB Type-C Flash Drive
Your MacBook has it and so do many upcoming gadgets, so it is wise to prep yourself with a portable storage that uses it. We are talking about USB Type-C connector and the London-based Integral Memory is the first to introduces a USB flash drive with such connector. $TBA. LEARN MORE.

Cat B30 Rugged Feature PhoneCaterpillar Launches A New Rugged Feature Phone, Cat B30
Geared towards foreign workers, the Cat B30 is a feature phone that is built to take any beatings. It is IP67 rated, which means it is waterproof to 1 meter, dust and shockproof and in addition, it can survive a 1.8 meter drop onto concrete and can stand up to extreme temperatures too. £99. BUY.

Caterpillar CAT B15 Ruggedized Android Phone

you probably have guessed. the Caterpillar CAT B15 Ruggedized Android Phone is not exactly made by Caterpillar, but by a British firm known as Bullitt Group. weird as it may sounds coming from a company more known for bulldozers and working footwear, but we bet these ‘woos’ and ‘ahs’, probably have also greeted their line of footwear when it first made into the market (though the B15 isn’t the first ‘Catphone’). in any case, this strangely named device showed up the recent 2013 Mobile World Congress in Barcelona and have since been ‘manhandled’ by numerous medias. unfortunately, we are not one of them. Continue reading Caterpillar CAT B15 Ruggedized Android Phone

BKRW presents BlackRainbow x CAT sneakers

BlackRainbow x CAT Shoes 900x600px
(credit: BKRW / Romain B. James) BlackRainbow x CAT Shoes | €tba | www.bkrw.com

let’s face it. even men can’t get enough of good shoes, thanks to the endless stream of beautifully designed shoes like these CAT x BlackRainbow Sneakers. a collaboration between French label BKRW and American brand Caterpillar, the CAT x BlackRainbow Sneaker is not just a collaboration of ‘slapping-on-each-other-logos-on-to-the-product’ routine. it was designed from the ground up, drawing inspiration from CAT’s American culture and peppering it with a French twist. Continue reading BKRW presents BlackRainbow x CAT sneakers