1964/5 Volkswagen Pick-up With Porsche Formula V

because sometimes owning a restored classic race car just isn’t enough and that’s why the 1964/5 Volkswagen Pick-up With Porsche Formula V ($tba). quite a mouthful, we know, but it is necessary to describe what it is: a Porsche Formula V which comes with its very own VW transport bus (a VW Bulli pick-up

1977 James Bond Lotus Esprit Submarine Car

being a mega James Bond fanatic, you probably have amassed tons of movie memorabilia. however, you can’t really call yourself a hardcore fan of the not-so-discreet silver screen MI6 agent unless you own one of the iconic rides Mr. Bond used on screen, such as the 1977 James Bond Lotus Esprit Submarine Car from the movie The Spy Who Loved Me. if you are thinking

9 Worthy Microcars at The Bruce Weiner Microcar Museum Auction

normally, we refrain from pulling too many items from a single auction event so as not to bore you folks but the microcars we found at the upcoming auction at The Bruce Weiner Microcar Museum are simply irresistible and honestly, we’d swept them all off the auction block if money is of no

Morgan Motor Three Wheeler Gulf Edition

if a vehicle on odd number of wheels isn’t special enough in your books, then perhaps a three-wheeler dressed up in the famous racing livery – in this case, the Gulf Oil’s blue and orange colorways – could help in boosting that aspect of individualism or uniqueness; even more so when you are talking about only

1978 Williams FW06 Formula One Racing Car

the glitz and glamor associated with a Formula One career is a far and away dream for most aspiring racer boys but if money is of no object, you can always grab yourself a real-deal Formula One race car, albeit being a little on the vintage side, to fulfill your adrenalin-charged dream. though, the fame and fortune are not…

1978 Rondeau M378 Le Mans GTP Racing Car

racing car enthusiasts will agree that 70s was perhaps the golden era of racing and to this end, race machines of that era are highly collectible. if you are those with a fortune and have affinity for such fast machine, then you won’t want to miss this piece of classic: the 1978 Rondeau M378 Le Mans…